Monday 6 June 2016


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Almost half way! Hows your temperature blanket going? Fallen by the wayside like one of mine, I was far too ambitious to try to do two wasn't I? 

2 x 2month Flower Triangles
I knew at some point the Flower Temperature blanket was going to get behind, and I did, but i'm all up to date now and I can't believe we are almost half way!

Picking a motif that only take me 5minutes to do, was the secret to finishing I think....doing a catch up of 2 weeks or more is relatively easy to do
3 X 2 Month Flower Triangles
At the end of the month i will show you how i am going to join the 2 month triangles of flower together 

Possible Additions/Changes?
May/June is showing a big difference in colouring too....the forecast for 2016 is to be an awesome Summer...and although there are only one or two of the 21degree+ flowers I am wondering if maybe i need to add another colour for 25degrees +

May/June flower triangle so far

 Each triangle has a colour coded tag so i remember which is which

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