Wednesday 19 July 2017

DAISY CAMPER BLANKET/WRAP...NooNoo is getting a bit of a makeover

About a week ago i gave you a couple of new lacy options for joining squares
I'm using a version of option 3 for a new 

You can see i've changed the centre flower for the New Camper Blanket/wrap, it shows you if you have a 12 section centre you can add this join to any similar square

Daisy Camper blanket/wrap pattern
For now all I have done is a long first row over 6' so perfect length for a wrap to start me off

 Lacy join option 3: 
NooNoo Camper is getting a make over with a new wrap/blanket using the new table cloth as inspiration
I say wrap/blanket because it will be a 6' wrap to start with and grow over time 

 Table Cloth Colours
2 Shades of grey, cream, duck egg blue, soft sage green and 2shades of pistachio and ochre DK

I am using dk and a 4mm Hook
But it could be made in Aran and 5mm hook
US Terms 

A  finger wrap of 10 wraps,
Round 1: 12sc into wrap circle, first anchor stitch counts as fist sc, sl st, to complete. [12sc}

 Round 2: 3tr, clusters, in each st, ch2 counts as first, part made tr, 2 more half made tr, yo, pull through all the stitches, ch2, repeat for each st. sl st to complete. [12 petals]

Round 3: att. second col. in any ch2 sp, between 2 petals, ch5 sc in next sp, repeat to end, sl st, to complete. cont. in same col. [12 x ch5 loops]

Round 4: ch 2 counts as first dc, 4dc, ch5 picot, 5dc, in same ch5 loop,[corner],  sc in next ch5 sp, ch5, [side], sc in next ch5 sp, repeat, sl st, to complete. 
[10dc and ch5 loop each side]

Join as you go: use a sl st, replacement for the 3rd ch st in the ch5 picot and the ch5 side loops, complete the first square, then add the next and subsequent squares using the sl st from the front method.

NooNoo is an old man now ,from 1976 Tax exempt VW Late Bay
Looking at his best for the Daughter of a friends wedding a couple of years ago


  1. Lovely pattern, Sue. I like the camping car decoration for a wedding!

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks. Yes the camper was very successful as a wedding car lol
      How are you? xx

  2. Lovely pattern and I love those colours! Green with envy over Moomoo, LOL, he looks so lovely! My dad had one way back in the 70s.

    1. Thanks Elly, and the camper is my other half's pride and joy xx

  3. Love the colors and the motif! Beautiful!

  4. That's a pretty motif. I love your VW camper, he looks great.

    1. Thanks Bekki, and some of the best night sleep in it too thanks xx

  5. c' est vraiment trés joli j' adore tes choix de couleurs bravo a trés vite

    1. Hi Dane, thank you, i love it too and so many variations that can be used to join motifs enjoy xx

      Hi Dane, merci, je l'aime aussi et tant de variations qui peuvent être utilisées pour rejoindre des motifs apprécient xx