Friday 27 May 2011

Craft Room Makeover update

Did l say we needed to take a couple of doors back because they were scratched?....oooops 
try removing the film for that perfect glossy look!
Didn't l feel a wally!
thanks Phil you're a wonderful wonderful guy..
The doors are on but still a mess to deal with by mid day today...
going to remodelling the big storage craft table hoping to get that done over the weekend.
So everything that is stored underneath it has been removed for modification, so not quite as tidy as l'd hoped to be, but for now the table is looking very white and tidy
and one of the sofas has been stripped...
still lots to do but getting there slowly...Splodge has given it the once over, but the top is still to go on so he was walked along the edge sniffing everything inside

but mostly they have all slept on anything that took their fancy and was lying around

eventually there will be another row of white storage boxes and a couple of cat beds on top of the units
for afternoon snoozes in the sunshine

Curry night tonight...can't wait
Our local Pub is owned by a Chinese/Scottish couple so we get the best of both worlds and they now do take away, so a pint on his way home from work tonight, while Phil waits for it
I suffer from really bad heart burn
but can anyone tell me why it never happens when l eat a hot spicy curry late at night?...
but a bread roll would have me up all night!
Doesn't make sense to me

Enjoy what's left of your day
Hugs to all x


  1. maybe it's the wheat? not sure sorry.
    loving your workroom too!

  2. It's looking fab!! I love your crochet cushions!!

    S x

  3. Don't eat animmal protein with starchy foods.

  4. So far, so good. Love everything I see. Especially all the white with the colors to pop. Great job you two.

  5. Units look great Suz. Really neat.
    The heartburn thing may be reflux and bread is a killer for me too.
    I've stopped eating bread. Starting to think it's gluten. My son had the same issues and they have found he is totally gluten intolerant. He has coeliac disease. Try gluten free bread Suz. Good luck.

  6. Oh rock star you!!! It is going to be fab!!!!! Sorry for the heartburn. One of the things that gets me worst of all.....buttered toast. Go figure!

  7. The units are looking fabulous. I had the same problem with the extension table I bought for my sewing machine. Drove 50kms to take it back to the shop because it was all scratched when I took it out of the box. Who knew there was a plastic film on that too to protect it!
    I have the same problem with bread/toast, I think it's the wheat/yeast.

  8. I am very envious the units look fab, and curry sounds like a spiffing idea, hope you had a lovely evening? Nx

  9. Suz, I was in a hurry yesterday and would like to explain more about the combining of certain foods that cause acid reflux. I know not fun. Try to combine animal protein (meats) with high-fiber vegetables and eat carbs by themselves. This will enhance the transit time of the meal through the gut, greatly aiding in digestion. From my understanding starches and animal meats digest in two different areas in the tummy,competing with each other which slows the digestion process greatly, increasing the changes for acid reflux type symptoms. No, you say, this never happened when I was younger but our eating practices do catch up to us with age. Please try this suggestion for 2 weeks and see if you stop having these symptoms. Wheat sensitivity is a great possibility, however, just taking wheat away without proper food combing will not fix this problem. I should know since I have not had symptoms of acid reflux in years. I do hope this help because I know how uncomfortable it can be. I only use anonymous because I could post any other way. Susan

  10. Hi Suz, again, I'm so impressed with your energy and design of your conservatory - and your hubby is an ACE! Can't wait to see what you do with the sofas. You're an inspiration.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. i love it so much , i love your design & the white colour.