Wednesday 25 May 2011


No pain, he's ok but a trip to the dentist this morning stopped us making any craft room progress

But l think l might have found the curtain fabric...a Scandinavian Designer

Inspiration Board
Mostly white with bright pink and lime
The top right picture is from the Simone Micheli residence...white floor to ceiling storage, pink sofa and splashes of lime....3 of my all time favourite colours and l love the clean tidy lines

The green bowl and the flowers l already have
just can't find the bowl right's hiding some where?
The rug has got to stay 
l think the Scandinavian fabric will go nicely when the sofas are recovered with pink

Chris asked how l remember where everything is?....with difficulty some time lol...all the boxes are labelled now and eventually when all the units are up l will have a cupboard for each craft and all my wools will be in the cube units with a coloured label so l know which colour is in each box..well that's the plan

Friends coming for the day on Monday so got to be something like for then, not sure the curtains and sofas will be finished but at least we will be tidier
Cross everything....hoping the units will be up and running tomorrow

Hugs to all xx


  1. Ohhhhhhh.. a pink sofa... ohhhhhhh... yum!! Bravo, my dear!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Really loving seeing your makeover pics - I love nosing at other people's craft rooms!!

    S x

  3. Can't wait.
    Hope Phil is ok.

  4. Hi all...Phil is ok thanks
    Glad you are enjoying the make over...electrics done, all the units made up...tomorrow should see them all installed...couple of doors to go back, delivered with scratches
    Hugs X