Monday 30 May 2011


Had a fabulous day with friends Alison and Dave..the couple we went on holiday with earlier this year and the same friends we were going on a cruise with next year...
change of plan.....we decided to be big kids 
and relive our past trips to USA here we come
Even more excited about this trip than the cruise lol

TK Maxx Purchase this afternoon
Hung on the hall wall opposite the mirror so you see 2 as you come through the front door
a bargain for £15 originally £40...good old T K Maxx
This mirror hung there until l moved it too the craft room...where it looks bigger and better

and twice as much flower for the £ this morning too...
all five flowers blossomed over night...absolutely stunning

Ikea update...
Just waiting for my cousins daughter and other half Sarah and Mike,to turn up and collect the 
Ikea sideboard we no longer have room for
Phil posted a message on Facebook Saturday evening and with in minutes Sarah said she would like it, so l know it's going to a good home
Managed to get the narrow side strips and the1st coat of paint on my new work table but l'm afraid no further progress made...l fell asleep after Phil went to work Sunday morning and only had time for one coat...didn't wake up until he came home again...ooops lol

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the craft room makeover and the Ikea Flower Light has been on Ikea Hackers...and gone down real well first day was page viewed by almost 1, stats yet

Hugs to all xx


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  2. I love the wall art! It really looks nice and looks great reflected in the mirror too.

    Hugs XX

  3. I got a TKMaxx bargain today, a fab pink lampshade reduced from £48 (allegedly!!) to £5.

    Those peonies are stunning!! I've never seen them for sale in a florist, will have to keep my eyes peeled....

    S x

  4. Love the art, mirror and especially the Peonies! Lush!
    We're having a BBQ today, ribs, hotdogs, potato salad & baked beans! Our middle son, his wife and 2 boys are here.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Thanks for taking the time to come and see me at my blog! - great advice about using the interfacing for a crisper edge on my appliqué - will definitely do that.
    Love the wall art- very dramatic, and that mirror is just fab.