Wednesday 1 June 2011


LIME GREEN CHOSEN...can't find a plain bright pink locally
Found the right pink but in a stripe mixed with chocolate....Phil wasn't keen on the stripe or the chocolate he thought plain was better and plain was my 1st choice too.
 When we bought the new sofa for the lounge we almost had lime green, so this time round it's going to be lime green and not bright pink. This was the stripe....I'll find a home for it some where
it didn't look as good in the craft room as the paler stripe did and it has a funky spot to go with it too...

Sale on at Dunelm so l just had to have some of both the stripe fabric 
yesterday l knew exactly what l wanted to do with not so sure lol
But this one would fit nicely in the lounge, the craft room and in our bedroom too...a well loved colouring by both of us
 A beautiful soft velvet stripe that will fit almost any where in this house..20% off too
Also it's a cooler colour as it can get very hot in there, so hot pink was probably not the best choice....l was struggling to find the right pink in a fabric l know won't get destroyed by the boys..but the lime was easy
 If l can find a plain pink fabric that is right l will make a second set for the colder winter months but for now, simple box cushions in 3 sizes and a base cover to make x 2....easy upholstery in Lime it is

Matches NooNoo too...looking smart with her jewellery back on and the lovely shiny new paint
Show soon so must finish her Japanese Flower blanket soon
oooh! and won't NooNoo's blanket look great in the craft room on the lime sofas?
How did it get to be the 1st June?
Pinch punch 1st of the month...have a good one

Have a wonderful Wednesday too everyone
Hug to all x


  1. Looking great Suz. Love the van. Do you go on adventures??

  2. Hi Chris we do a show in a couple of weeks and we are planning a week touring around in the summer sometime Brighton area may be south coast for sure
    Hugs x

  3. Sofa looks great, especially with your crochet cushions!

  4. You really do have a way of putting colours together. Love the new sofa.
    A x

  5. Can't wait to see the sofa done and "dressed". So jealous of NooNoo!! Showed hubby your new paint job and the banners and things, he loved it.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Such choices to make - I would never be able to decide. Fab colours Suz. Annie and I will come and cut the ribbon for your grand opening ceremony!! lol. x Jo

  7. You know me. I'll take the Polkas anytime.