Friday 10 June 2011


Passion for jeans.....l was impressed with the passion and even the concept...but may be a little disappointed it was for JEANS
nice flash!
My son James wanted to tell me everything about this NUDIES site and as a dutiful Mum l listened and took in every detail he presented me with, looked at all the pictures and agreed to take monthly or even fortnightly pictures for him, of his new NUDIES as they progress down the path of age...
nice to hear some wrinkles are acceptable and admired hey?
It seems these indigo dyed jeans are to be bought and worn for months even years...
with out washing them....shock horror
to get the best out of them and create a wrinkled work of art...all the areas of creases and wrinkles have different names...fascinating concept for sales but NOT WASHING THEM?

oh! well may be one day he will find the same passion for something that really matters in the world!

The first bum pictures l took he took one look at and said..."oh NO! that looks all droopy!"
My reply was "well, pull them up then and stop wearing them round your knees, l've been telling you for years that your bum looks all saggy when you don't pull them up"

Realisation struck him at last......
The fashion for wearing your jeans around your knees makes your bum look like it's aged 50 years! hehehehe

18 POM POMS MADE...and l wasn't really trying
QUICK OR WHAT? the 200 doesn't seem so far away, now l know l can make them so quickly
So, loving this little CLOVER gadget, anyone wanting one try
Amazon, free postage and arrived quickly..really worth the £5.55 for two sizes
MY TIP: l wrapped with 4 or 5 strands at a time for speed, just keep it as even as you can.
The more yarn you wrap on the bigger the PP is, but you do need to fill it well or you get a skinny PP
Definitely sharp scissors
Double the tying thread and leave the ends long to hang or sew onto things
good luck

Have a fabulous Friday...Phil and myself are off to a VW Show for the weekend...only down the road and James and his wear every day Nudies will be cat sitting
Hugs to all xx 


  1. Can you imagine the stink, around the crotch area in particular, after only a few weeks of not washing them?! Sounds vile. And I'm with you about the whole pulling your pants up where they belong! I think I'm starting to get old. :) Helen

  2. Now thats certainly one way of keeping the women away eh?....put it this way I always liked my men with clean clothes on :-)
    Have a great weekend.
    A x

  3. hahahaha....l'll let you know about the smell
    James HAS NEVER BEEN A MUCK BOY always in the shower, so he won't stand any stinks and says they won't smell!
    We'll see 'cos it was the first thing l commented on
    Hugs Both xx

  4. Keep us informed about the smell, or lack of it...
    I want a pom-pom maker!!! Just watched the video, brilliant!!!
    Take care, happy pom-pom making

  5. Not sure I would fancy the wrinkled look in my young men!!lol Have a fab weekend - hope the sun shines for you. x Jo

  6. I'm not sure I understood this idea of wrinkled jeans and I'm not sure I really want to understand the idea of not washing them LOL ))
    But PP maker... Aaaaah this little clover gadget is something I look forward to getting my hands on. Our local shop ran out of the stock recently and I'm waiting till they import these little guys here.

  7. My son must have been the original inventor of the no-wash jeans ...except he just didn't market them. In fact, he has his own range of no-wash shorts, no-wash shirts, no-wash jumpers -oh, yes, the height of fashion!

  8. Lol at the jeans things. Great pompom tutorial. They look really good. x

  9. I think I will have to buy some of these for my son, it should cut down on all the laundry I do for him! Have a geat weekend,

  10. Suz, you're a bad influence posting that video - I've gone and order a small pom pom maker now (and I don't even need pom poms for anything!!)

    I did see a Cath Kidston messenger bag with a pom pom bag charm attached so I think I'll have a go at making one of those....

    Have a lovely weekend,

    S x

  11. Wow, that pom pom maker is cool...sure beats the old wrapping around the cardboard method! =-)

  12. I've just found your blog ~ love it!

    Pom-pom maker now in my Amazon wish list!

    Not at all sure about the jeans.

  13. Hi All...if you buy one you won't regret it l'm sure, tomorrow l'll post a few inspirational projects for using pompoms.
    So many lovely cute, creative projects to play with
    Hugs To All xx