Thursday 16 June 2011


I did try to sit still and rest a bit but my mind wouldn't go to sleep so l made a start to a flower garland and a few more pompoms and found a piece of machine embroidery l made years ago..
Both friends l had dinner with on Tuesday loved the Flower Garlands, so l'm making one for each of them in their chosen colours...this one is for Katherine, not really a birthday present but it is her birthday tomorrow so Happy Birthday Katherine for tomorrow
Zig-zag stitch over piping cord and manipulated into a design...made a few jewellery pieces but this piece is about 7-8" in length
Getting closer to adding the pompoms to a backing just a few more colours to make and l'll be stitching them to the backing
Tomorrow l'll show you how l tie them off to make a tight fastening....must say they are really so so soft against your bare skin, lovely and snugly

Still think you can't beat the CLOVER POMPOM MAKER....hope those of you who have ordered one have as much fun with it as l'm having 
Looks like where l had mine from have sold out!...the above is another site and a few pence cheaper

Have a thoughtful Thursday
Hugs to all x


  1. Love the machine embroidery creation. Pom poms will be taking over the house slowly :-)
    Glad you're feeling better today....have to say I have been awake pretty much since 4 am cos other half was restless so I could have done with a lie in today but needs must and I'm up and working already......yawnnnnnnn
    A x

  2. OOOhh I love the pompoms ! Those colours ! they are gorgeous. so are the flowers you make ! Love to read more on your blog, Kind regards from Belgium, rozemie

  3. Love the machine embroidered cord - clever but simple hey!!

  4. Love those pom poms your house must be so much fun to live in with all your beautiful creations and colours! Must co-ordinate some time with Annie and Jo when you're there too, would love to meet up with you! xx

  5. Enabler! I have just bought them in a matter of seconds, bargain! No postage charges to boot. Unfortunately I had a stack of pom poms but Kylie pup got hold of them and thought it was great fun to pull them apart. bless her. So need to make some more. nx

  6. Those pom poms are just wonderful! Old as age but so new at the same time, I love them!

  7. Maybe someday I can jump on the garland and bunting bandwagon... but I'm not there quite yet. I love it on blogs... but haven't made anything to string up quite yet... silly I know!

    Your poms are starting at me once more today... I had to stop in and say hello to Suz & her poms!!!! When I was little my ole Granny would make me a pom or two and they would be my pets... hahahahah

    Have a beautiful day Suz!

  8. Suz-ie Q- You do need to get a good summer read, for those late nights. It does the trick for me here. But, then we would be able to enjoy all your midnight madness. Fab ideas.

  9. Suz.. it was cool to see your coil piping art. Many people make baskets using that same technique.. often wrapped in raffia.. pretty things, m'dear.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Okay, Suz... I have my pom-pom makers. I'm still looking for your hints on getting them tied tight. did I miss it? *scrambling through the archives*