Friday 3 June 2011


Felt the rug sample from last night was a little bit dark, even a bit dull for me
So l made a slightly lighter square this morning and Picasa'ed it, into a rug collage.

Love this paler softer version even though it's not the best choice for our house....dirt etc. 
l will also use a more tweedy yarn. Made in pure wool it would felt nicely too l would think

Still planning and playing for now

Going to make the rug in washable size sections with some sort of joining. Something easy to take apart..
I'll need my design skills for this one, unless anyone else has any ideas?
Was thinking a decorative button and loop detail for something different..not sure buttons to walk on is a good idea though?
Or Velcro for an invisible fastening...lots more thought needed and a few trials first
Makes quite a difference when you remove the brown and lighten it a bit, don't you think?
 Could keep the brown but make it more of a coffee shade?
Find the yarn and that will make the decisions for me 

Have a fabulous Friday everyone
Hugs to all x


  1. Beautiful colour combination !


  2. Loving the colours, good choice!

  3. No...what happened to the pom poms? I loved them more......

  4. Much nicer in the lighter colourway.

    The problem with a crocheted rug on it's own is it will have a tendency to ruck up and wander all over the place. We had a rag rug in our old conservatory and it was constantly in a ball.

    How about making a hessian backing and velcroing (you can get super strength that won't budge) the rug in washable sized sections to it which will give it weight - you'll then just need some of that rug grip tap underneath to stop it sliding....

    BTW I had a go at handcutting your lovely flowers and mine were hopeless!! How do you get them so neat and symmetrical?!!

    Have a lovely weekend....


  5. A perfect match for the curtain, and love that colour combo Suz!

  6. I love this. BUT finding the yarn always makes our decisions for us ;( Pity.

  7. You've been tagged :-)
    A x