Sunday 12 June 2011


Made lots of pom poms over the weekend...
Used up lots of bits and odd balls but out of them all, my favourites are these red one made from a chunky blended acrylic, the dark ones have ends that look like there is a black core to them, the lighter ones a white core

some have spots and some have stripes....practice needed to perfect these though
Back to the weekends camping.....
If l'd packed my machine gun l would be in jail right now...Friday night was fraught, what with a very noisy generator running at the tent close by until 11 at night and then the thud thud of bad music l was ready to shoot anyone and everyone...must be getting old! lol
Remembering l had my mp3 player in my bag l plugged into a lot of old friends and eventually drifted off into a chilly sleep

Saturday was showery in the morning but beautiful all afternoon and a wonderful sunny evening
Sunday was absolutely fabulous until 7.15 am and the heavens opened....a total wash out so we came home by 11 and had Sunday lunch at the pub!
Managed to get a few more chunky flowers made for the rug. I now have 13 just short of a 1/3rd done only need 40 not 48 as l first thought, replacing the stripe rug so it will be 5 x 8 flowers

Sorry was going to take some great pictures of fabulous Campers on the Sunday but rain stopped play..another show in a month so promise l'll take some then

RED HARRY was next to NooNoo
Lisa with hubby Don in to us asked if l could show here how to make the flower so a ball of red wool and a hook later she had mastered it easily, left handed
Look forward to meeting up at the next show Lisa, Don and Harry..with his new red blanket may be? lol

Phil partied all Saturday night in fancy dress, there is a video on Facebook l'll sort out the link for those wanting a chuckle lol..he had a great evening 

Hugs to all xx
I'm so glad to be back in my lovely, comfy, 6foot bed tonight...sorry NooNoo


  1. Ohhh so amazing that pom poms ....what are going to do with it ?
    Get your're machine gun in your pocket and make pom poms or whatever ! LOL


  2. Wow, so much colour!! That's fantastic!

  3. Oh Suz, funny story about the camp-out. But OH.. I wish you had taken photos! I want to see the funny video.. please share.

    We took the granddaughters to the zoo.. photos on blog..

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Oh.. and I tried to find you on Facebook but didn't find you. Would love to have you as a friend on there!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. You're going pompom mad lady!!! Love them. The rug is coming on beautifully. x

  6. every time, everything you make and show , is gorgeous!!!!!!

  7. LOVE the rug. Those flowers are gorgeous in that yarn. Spectacular! I'm so jealous of you campers (Okay - I'm jealous of the aspect of getting away in a cute camper with your sweetie... some parts I can do without! LOL)

  8. I have not made pom poms for ages, yours look fab!