Friday 17 June 2011

Decided lack of exercise was causing my lack of energy, so.....

A few weeks ago l dug out my bike, but never got on it, 
yesterday l went for a short ride to the shop and back...not quite 2 miles, it was really good fun

I also found a ZUMBA class at the local sports centre....
l was going for the 5 o'clock class but James turned up and we ended up watching the
DVD 'PAUL'...really funny

But l will go next week for sure, in fact l might go to 2 Zumba classes (one class with Kath and Chris) and EVENTUALLY l'm planning on riding my bike to the class, but not yet as it's 5 miles to the sports centre.......Not that far in the car, but that would be a 10 mile ride and a one hour Zumba class..too much to start off working up to that one lol

I can't stop eating so exercise has got to be the answer?
Today's Bike ride is going to be about 5.5 miles a round trip to the Super Market and Dunelm already have my cycle bags at the ready and l bought a lock yesterday 
and of course l will have to make one of these...
From Solgrim BLOG A Norwegian Teacher with a great crochet blog or maybe a pompom one for extra extra softness lol

Wish me luck....far too much playing hooky and sitting in my nest of wool is to blame, a couple of hours outside and moving around has got to be a good thing?

Have a fabulous Friday
Hugs to all

UPDATE: An hour later....l have an 8 Petal Flower cycle seat. I just happened to be working on a flower in reds and pinks so l measured the seat and turned it into a seat cover
I will make another stripy one but the seat was a bit hard yesterday on the old bum, it's been used to sitting on a super comfy sofa lol...
What do you think?
have fun off to test it out! xx


  1. Good luck Suz. Too hilly for a bike here!!!

  2. Like it. A lot.
    Clever you. Xx

  3. I go to Zumba and if anything your face muscles will be the most toned, that will be from laughing so much. Its great fun, albeit tricky to pick up the steps, but I just free style in a demented mum dancing type way. I was just sayign to my hubby last night I need another bike i used to love cycling unfortunately my bike was lent to one of my in-laws who proceeded in wreaking it and not replacing it, grrr!!

  4. Well done you. You will be biking out here next! :-)
    A x

  5. Aren't you just the cutest. I got your message and there is no need to send another one. I just wanted to let you know it dawned on my yesterday that it had never arrived. I always like to say my proper thank-yous, so I was a wee bit concerned that you thought I had blown you off. Which would never happen, sweet friend.

    Have a pedaling good time this weekend,