Sunday 5 June 2011


Love the colours of the new craft room fabric...wouldn't have picked it if l didn't, 
but the mixed colours for the rug just wasn't hitting the spot for me 

So l tried a 12 Petal Japanese Flower in a really chunky mixed 7 strand yarn yesterday...
just what l had in the stash
Loved it and did a Picasa collage to see what it would look like as a repeat...Loved it even more
Then when we went to the shop in the afternoon l found a Robin Chunky Acrylic l liked in a perfect  tweedy stone colour 
This is the result,  a modified 8 petal Japanese Flower that is quick to make..about 20 minutes per flower..flatter than the 12 petal flower and takes about 1.5 hours to make the unit

Took almost all of the 3 x 100 grm balls of Robin Acrylic Chunky l used the 3 strands together and a 12mm hook to make the unit
All the large gaps will have a fill-in and leave only the smaller petal spaces where you will see the backing, still to decided on what to use
it will  make a quick to make chunky rug that feels very nice under the toes lol...with a lacy effect
each flower measures 10.5" and the 4 flower unit is 21" across
I plan to make 48 flowers in 12 units of 4 flowers with fill-in and then join the units with the centre strip 3 strips by 4 units then add the other fill-ins
fill-in section
Nicely chunky...and very quick to make if l had all of the yarn it would have been at least a third done today, if not almost half done lol
But l had the last 3 balls from the shop yesterday so an order to be made@ £1.20 a ball it will cost about £36 for the crochet bit..not bad for a large rug hey?
Pouring here today.....what a change from yesterday, but the gardens need it
Have a snuggly Sunday everyone
hugs xx
Hows that for a project and a half? lol


  1. what a gorgeous nautral color to have in this pretty flower

  2. Another fab idea - wish I was half as imaginative!

  3. Hi and thanks both hugs x

  4. Love the new rug idea and the colour. its very neutral you could have a backing thats quite vivid(lime?) to highlight the holes of the pattern. Great to see how your room is evolving.
    Dull and rainy to sew
    Jenny x

  5. What a fabulous rug idea! My friend Sue at made an African Flower Afghan that I just have to try. These flowers are so versatile.

  6. Wow Suz I love, love, love that!!

    Would you be able to share your pattern? I'd love a pink one for my bathroom. I have started a basic oval in T-shirt yarn but I'm not feeling the love - your design is stunning!!

    S x

  7. Wow, Suz.. more great photos.. can't wait to see the end result! Are you really going to put it on the floor? We took our granddaughters to the beach yesterday... photos of the Pacific ocean on my blog..

    Hope you get more sun soon!

    Teresa :-)

  8. Wowo isn't that effective :)
    Add that to the to do list !

  9. suz, the rug is looking fantastic. I love what you are doing with it.