Monday 13 June 2011

Rug wool not arrived yet so all l can do is make more pompoms!

Couple of Inspirational collages.....sorry can't remember who did what with them all but love them and think they are all fabulous ideas from some very creative people
Going to make my rug a rainbow of colours and l had already thought about pompom flowers and made a Purple Allium
Collage 2 of Pompom Inspirations....already experimenting with yarns to make a scarf with something that will look a bit fur pale beige cream and greys...but a wip right now
Takes me 4 minutes to make a single pompom...

Thanks for the cuppa Annie and Jo..another great chatty afternoon
Hugs to all xx


  1. Always welcome Suz....and of course we will have to see you again soon cos you left your glasses here :-)....any excuse eh?
    A x

  2. Great to see you Suz and I am so glad you loved my Noonoo pic. Your pompom collages are brill - I love the purple allium - fab idea - but then you are full of them!!

  3. Ooooo am having a quick catch up with your posts and am loving the pom-poms! I seem to remember making them at school in the olden days with a couple of rings of cardboard. Yours are so much more sophisticated- great gadget for making them too!

    Looking forward to seeing the rug. Xx

  4. Luv all the pom poms Suz, they are so much fun!

  5. My favorite is the Alium.. I can visualize a whole bouquet of them!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I have never been able to master the pompom. But you my friend have it all down. Perfecto.
    Had I've been meaning to tell you I never received that giveaway bag. Hope it didn't get lost. I just wanted you to know why I hadn't shown or said thanks. No big deal, but it just dawned on me today.

  7. Love the pom pom edged cushions.
    You are such a busy lady!!

  8. Your pom poms all look gorgeous. That great big pom pom scarf in the second collage looks very chic. Not so sure about the vest in the top left of the the second collage. Your pom pom flower is very cute.

  9. I'm just popping pompoms onto little crochet innocent hats for this years Big Knit campaign, so its pom poms all round! Hope you are well. Still loving the blog. Hugs Nicky x