Tuesday 14 June 2011


3 Shades of Lime just jumped into my hands...
Might go back tomorrow and find 3 shades of orange lol oooh! and there was a lovely bright pink too tie me down l really shouldn't buy any more
but the limes made a lovely mixed yarn pompom don't you think?
 and this little pile of lovelies is for a scarf for next winter, soft stone, coffee, beige, cream and 
pale grey.....some mixed and some one colour
Dinner with my best friends from work tonight...lots of chat and a curry at the local
We will put the world to rights tonight...love a good girly chat 

Do you ever use any relaxation exercises?...If you do where is the place you imagine you are?
Mine is a beach of pale gold, deep aqua sea with gently lapping waves at my feet
The crab in me l think!..water sign
Where is your special place?...Beach, Mountains or countryside?

Hugs To All


  1. I can never get my poms to be that tight... I'm anxious to see your rug in progress... I wasn't sure what kind of wool and rug you were speaking of...

    My mom cuts woven wool into thin strips and then uses a special technique to sew it into tight small loops... and makes tapestry rugs... ahhhh-mazing!

  2. Hi Scribe..I loop the ends through the end with the loop of my tying yarn first and then tie the ends together...l'll do a photograph of what l mean tomorrow for you to see...it's a really tight fastening then
    I'm using lots of different yarns anything that gives me the colour l want but not rug wool..far too coarse for me
    Old t-shirts work well too for rugs and l'll be trying some random yarns for interest but not for rugs

  3. Fab wool there Suz. Will love to see it all used up - bet you make some lovely things. Oh and yes i used to listen to a Robert Verago relaxation tape and imagine I was on the same beach!!!

  4. You're having a blast with those pompoms :)
    I like the beach... a nice, quiet beach with only seaguls "singing" by and the waves smoothly coming in. Yeap. Definitely the ocean. But a nice quiet place in the woods with the wind whispering through the trees sounds nice too ;)

  5. thanks for the email and the comment response! I can't wait to try the poms again... they would look so cute on my long tailed newborn elfin hats... YUM.

  6. When I can't sleep, I envision me pushing my little sailboat out into the water, raising the sail, pushing it out into the wind, hopping on, pulling the sail tight and sailing out into the big clear lake and moving along into the wind and watching down through the crystal clear water as it deepens to indigo blue..

  7. I'm loving the pom poms!!

    My pom pom maker is still to arrive, but I've already thought about tying the centres with ribbons so I can make a bag charm....

    S x

  8. Gorgeous pom poms! Yes I do use positive affirmations for relaxation, my fav one is a beach we visit, in fact I blogged about in a week or so ago so you can go and see where it is for yourself :-)

  9. Oooh! The pompoms get better everyday! LOVE your idea of making a scarf out of one so I will be anxiously awaiting:) My "happy place" is countryside, deep dark fragrant woods, a pond with the gentle rustle of wind and the quiet chatter of small animals.

  10. SNAP! Eye spy the very same Cath Kidston that I have as my 'special' mug! XD

    Your pompoms are looking fabulous - do you recommend any type of pompom maker as superior? (I'm thinking of buying one)


  11. I love your pom poms, such delicious colours.
    My relaxation place is a beach in Thailand or Fiji (I'm not fussy) soft white sand, palm trees, a gentle breeze and waves softly lapping on the beach. Pure heaven.

  12. Beautiful pom poms. I have to admit to thinking the allium was real in the top photo!
    Looking forward to seeing the end product. Best wishes, Pj x

  13. Countryside or mountains for me, love the fresh crisp air and greenery. Nx

  14. hi great pom poms
    first time ever posting a comment

    please show pic of how to tie the pom poms
    thank you