Sunday 25 July 2010


Sorry to those not in quite such a wonderful place as l am at the moment but l'm having a perfect moment sitting in the garden having been up since 6 and l've edged the lawn now it's been well watered and moved and weeded all the pots and the borders and was finished at 11.30 so now l'm sitting just outside the French doors with the laptop admiring my handy work hehe the clouds are small fluffy white puffs the sky so blue the sun is shining and the lawn is really looking wonderful how perfect is that?

The lawn has been treated by 'GREEN THUMB' a company that come every so often and sort your lawn out can't believe how good it looks so fast l'd recommend them for sure
Wanted to edge it weeks ago but it was so hard and dry it was impossible but this morning perfect after the rain so now we have a lovely green lawn with a trimmed edge...

Weeded and moved all the pots need to do some planting but they look better in groups around the garden
this is where they have all been from the day we moved in!!!
now they are grouped around the garden...some along the raised bed...
My Lily pots all dead now l'm afraid under the kitchen window and the herb pot...
will find something to go in the big pots this next week...
you can see the dining area just outside the French doors...going to something special with this area not sure exactly what yet but watch this space!
lined the zinc pots and the strawberry pots up at the end of the garden....again need planting
Have a couple of patches where the boys have been using as a toilet!!....naughty boys so dug out the soil and popped a pot or two in the space to stop them using it again....was just getting rid of the old soil turned round and Mr T was squatting in the hole!!..ggggggrrrrrrrrrrr
looks a bit odd but will fill with fresh soil and sprinkle with lawn seed tomorrow
got 2 head pots l want hanging tomorrow too...a little job for Phil
Had these many year and they have gone to each house in turn.....
on this wall or may be on the wall posts over the raised bed!!...not sure yet lol
or the middle two pillars....may be better?
any way fun to come 
Now you've seen the 4 corners of my small garden as it looks now...changes to come though l have plans!!! hehehehe
Huge thanks for popping by


  1. So glad you made it clear which boys were using your lawn as a toilet :-)
    We have been out in the back garden all morning pruning and clipping back bushes so ours is looking better too but there is still lots to tackle's sooooooooooooo big :-)
    A x

  2. This looks so lovely! ^^ Such at perfect place to be creative!

  3. Now that's my kind of garden, can we swap (I wouldn't dare show you mine at the moment, lol)
    Yours is lovely.

  4. We have lots of busy lizzie in pots at the mo - lovely zingy colours to brighten the patio!

  5. We have lots of busy lizzie in pots at the mo - lovely zingy colours to brighten the patio!

  6. looking good,it looks a great place to relax and be creative xx

  7. Everything looks so nice :)

  8. It is so interesting to see how others live etc so I have enjoyed the walk around your garden with these photos. It did look as though you had a perfect day as we did here in NZ even though we are in mid winter.

  9. Good job my friend. Nice days work, same here, now we both can get back to playing around.


  10. Lovely garden Suz! It looks so pretty. Naughty boys....

    Hugs XX

  11. garden looks very peaceful. I spent part of yesterday on the beach the other on my verandah was 38 in the shade
    have redone my settings emails may get through