Thursday 8 July 2010


Not quite there yet just 7 colours done so far....would make a lovely bath mat or cushion in the 2strand chunky version.....

circle of colour....
primaries to come next reds yellows greens blues and all shades in between hehehe

Last appointment he was given a second antibiotic to take.....stronger and he seems to have stopped coughing although his tail is still down sometimes!!
next appointment tomorrow before we go away for the weekend James cat sitting again but with extras to do too

A little walk around the garden this morning not really allowed yet but l went with him and think the fresh air will be good for him so long as that's all it is for now.....slow process in full recovery and not quite his old self yet although a gentle swipe or two as you walk past is telling me he's lurking some where inside!!
hugs all xx


  1. Glad to hear Mr T is still progressing well :)

  2. Gorgeous colours Suz. So glad the news is good about Mr T.
    A x

  3. How is it that you can make such stunning flowers? I have the same book you've been using, yet the flowers I've made don't have near the same pop and beauty as do yours. Amazing!

    I hope Mr. T gets to feeling better on his new meds and is soon back to his feisty self.

  4. Hi
    Glad Mr T is doing ok, hope the new medicine helps.
    Such vibrant colours, flowers coming on a treat