Thursday 1 July 2010


Not had a sore throat for a hum dinger this morning!!....Tiny bit worried about Mr T too just a feeling all is not quite well!
Made another poppy last night..they do take ages to make but a bit of a stunner so l suppose you only really need one for a single project
Tried it in chunky acrylic this time with a 4mm hook..same size as the Merino one
want to try it in DK acrylic too with a 4mm hook....and with the crochet centre done another way and colour..using the real poppy in the collage as this space lol
Love the way a single pattern can make up so many differently with different yarns and colour
think it would look fab in cream too!

100% Merino on the left and Chunky Acrylic on the right


  1. Love your poppies! Sorry to hear you and Mr T not feeling so good. Sending get well wishes. :)

  2. Wow. Those poppies are amazing Suz. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well and hope both you and Mr T improve very soon.
    A x

  3. Thanks both....3 cups of tea have made my throat feel a bit better but l think l'm in for a cold head a bit wuzzy!!..
    Mr T...fingers crossed it's just me and my feelings..and they are over working!
    Hugs x

  4. Amazing what a little yarn change can do to the same pattern. Great fun. Love,love,love poppies. I only have one sad plant that makes it here in the Windy City. Long gone already for the season.

    Gargle hot Cider Vinegar and Water. Yuckie tasting, but it really work. Stay in and get well.

    Hugs to you both,

  5. Feel better. No one needs a summer cold. Get some powerful, homemade chicken soup.

  6. I do really love those poppies. They are fab!
    Hope you and Mr T feel better soon. x

  7. Fantastic pattern - so dramatic!

  8. Hope Mr. T is doing fine. I still can't get over the ordeal that guy has been through!! Hope your sore throat goes away too. Don't forget to sleep! That always works for me, when my children cooperate.