Monday 12 July 2010


9 came and l got the cream yarn to join the squares together
Last minute decision to go to Chester
Abakhan had a sale on...wasn't really worth the journey though

But l got two squares completed on the way there and two on the way back......about 45minutes each way
As the shopping is great in Chester and l saw a lovely cream hat for £10 in a Charity shop we decided to do wedding shopping ready for an end of month Wedding....crept up on us it did
Only 3 weeks to go!
the dress l bought is almost the same colours as the blanket!!
Told you they are favourite colours

I have some blue sandals l've hardly worn that would do if l can't find any 
shoes l like........bag not sure about that yet!
as we spent the day Shopping in Chester l didn't get as much of the blanket done as expected
 tomorrow will see it finished l hope! plans to go any where tomorrow
Phils weekend spend will arrive... a new roof rack for Noo Noo

Mr T update!!!
Other than he still looks like a patchwork quilt he is back to his old self and terrorising the boys by the time l arrive on the scene he's sitting looking  into space as if he's had 
nothing to do with the howls!!! 


  1. Lovely. I like the way you are going around the four and then altogether. Very fun idea. I always am intrigued with just what you come up with. You will be the "Bell of the Ball" with that adORabLE hat on.

    Glad to hear Mr. T is getting back to normal.

    No shopping trip is wasted if you can get all that done in the car. But, I know what you mean about driving all that way and not stock the car up with great finds for the trip home.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful day to me, except for not filling the car up with stuff. hehe Your blanket is looking great and it would be so nice if when you finished it you would give us all a start to finish instruction. Soooo glad that Mr. T is back to his old self! LOL

  3. The hat look lovely The blanket so colourful
    Glad Mr T is back to his old self

  4. I love shopping in Chester too and have bought some amazing bargains in Abakhan :-) Glad to hear about Mr T.
    A x