Monday 19 July 2010


Shelves up mirrors and paintings hung in several rooms
I went yarn shopping l won't be running out of a favourite colour again and there are still seven colours to pick up in the week had to order the last few.............
found that 3 packs of 10 x 100grm balls fit perfectly in the square cubby's

Lots of yummy scrummy yarns to play with now

Wheels painted...... Phil decided to save his pennies and paint the wheels on Noo Noo instead of buying new ones.........
come up a treat well they will do when they are finished the masking tape removed and the tires blacked again!
sat staring at the yarn stash for ages when l got back then had a little look at a very old book
The Encyclopaedia of Needlework.....a treasured book that was my Mums
spine a bit battered now but such a lovely little book....must be over 60 years old

all this and time left to play....
with a triangular striped crochet not sure what it will turn into yet
colour inspiration from an advert in a magazine
Sweet dream all xx


  1. Wow! Now that is what I call a stash:)) But it probably won't last that long with all the projects you have going and in mind, lol!!

  2. What a fab wool stash you have. I'd be sat stroking it all day now :-)
    A x
    ps what was the oops? Did I miss something?

  3. I am so in awe of your wonderful yarn collection. Seeing your beautiful crochet rug photos made me go to the library to hunt for some patterns. I learnt to crochet when I was very young but haven't done any in recent years - I am all enthusiastic now!

  4. What a stash, such lovely colours.
    The woolshop must love you.
    Will enjoy seeing what you make.
    Yes what was the oops I must have missed something??

  5. Hi me again just looked at the main photo again, the oops must be the sign above the mirrir maybe????

  6. Hi Suz,Your yarn stash is a work of art in its own right..think what fun you can have rearranging them in the cubby holes and as you use/replace it will constantly change!! You have made me feel much less guilty about my own fabric and yarn stashes.Your triangle would make a nice triangular cushion or could go much larger and make a shawl now you have sooooooo much yarn to use.
    Bye for now
    Jenny A

  7. Thanks all the oooops was all that yarn l bought 1000grms of 16 colours and ordered 7 other that not a big ooops! hehehehe

  8. Ooooooooooh, I just love all that yarn! Like being a kid in a sweet shop.