Thursday 29 July 2010


Phil is such a good cook xx
Now where was l?......aaaah yes the Phil Creation
couple of days back while sitting in the new Gazebo l pondered on the space between the pillars and asked if a pot shelf or two could be made....hey presto they appeared hehehe
Found a beautiful Circular hanging Garland 
in one of the boxes from the attic not seen this box for over 5yrs!!!.....
lots of flowers and decorative things in it!!
Looks great hung from the centre of the gazebo roof for now until l can find the birdcage l want
What do you think?....
and the Lavender and Lilies smell lovely as you sit in the gazebo....mmmmm another perfect moment coming on l think hehehe!
Sorry no more crochet done...YET! 
Still another couple of hours to go before lights out!!
May get another few inches done tonight WATCH THIS SPACE!! lol

Thanks again for all the comments on the colours and the crochet.....having an awesome time with this project in the corner of our new garden
 l'm often asked about how fast l work!!....doesn't seem fast to me so you
 make me feel soooo good everyone.....l'm not much of a mover....a home bird really but my little fingers work as fast as they can most days hahaha
and sometimes
  l feel guilty about not working any more so thank you for making me feel like l'm doing something with my life while having a lot of fun!
Big Hugs to all my blogging Pals such a wonderful group of gals you all are 


  1. So very pretty!! Phil did a wonderful job. I can't wait to be able to do some work on our yard and make it all pretty :) Thanks for sharing all of your amazing pictures :)

  2. What a fab job Phil has done with the pot shelves. I think he should take orders :-) I look forward to seeing it for real one day soon :-) Hope you both have a fab weekend. i will catch up with your blog when we get home from Cardiff.
    A x

  3. Lovely post and gorgeous pictures. Came over from Wispo's blog, she's right it is worth a visit. xx

  4. You are just to clever. Love it. What time should I be there to hang out in your aDORable gazebo for afternoon tea.... It's nice to see you take your crafty, clever self out in the garden too. Not surprised.


  5. Pot shelves - what a fantastic idea - love the candle in a pot too. A magical place to sit. Best wishes, Pj x

  6. The pot shelves are a fab idea! Lovely pics xx

  7. Thanks pleased with it isn't he a love? hehe
    Hugs Suz x

  8. This is ingenious. Tell your husband "keep up the good work" and that I'm going to have my husband build one for me next summer. I love it. Alaska