Friday 23 July 2010


 l picked up my Mum's very old 'Encyclopaedia of Needlework' the other day and looked at the crochet section...such a treasured book l think Mum said she had it as a 21st Birthday present..
hugs miss ya lots xx
Anyway back to the 'USE ONE STITCH'....
Using SC that's the American version.....hook though the st pull yarn though and then hook again and make the sc st.....
lots of variations to try and different stitches too but for now l thought l'd share this with you.....

First square is SC done as you would normally through the whole stitch
 pictures 2&3 are worked from the back so you area bit blind doing it 
but hooked ONLY into the back half of the a lovely knobbly texture
perfect for the centre of flowers or just a lovely chunky texture to a cushion or blanket even!

This next picture is still SC again done into the back half of the stitch only but done from left to right  oops thanks for pointing that one out CRAFTY PAM......right to left it should have read hehehe....only so it has a back and a front....both of which are lovely looking stitches
the top one being the closes to the normal st.
the bottom photo gives more of a slanting stripe almost like an embroidery st.
2ND OPTION..... if you work it continuously but still into the back of the st. only
you get a ribbed almost pleated look to the piece....fascinating really chunky ribbed sort of feel and look...
making every other row dominate and the other rows half hidden....

isn't it great and all from just the simplest of the crochet stitches?
Hope you do too?
Still more options with SC st but l might try 

Took 11 packs back and swapped them for same colours in the second yarn l ordered hehehe 

The 7packs l had to wait a couple of days for were so much softer and well worth the extra few pence
So l was allowed to change any packs l hadn't opened for the softer better quality yarn...wasn't that good......thanks Steve...l'll be back!

 Anyone wants any just let me know the colours are fabulous and it really is very soft and great quality and makes up beautifully
Buying in bulk it comes out @ £1.50 per 100grm ball plus P&P

Pity they don't do an Orange though..theirs is too bright even for me!! hehehe

First appointment with the plastic good far too expensive so more research needed
wood has been suggested but that would go moldy and warp mixed with steam oR water so it has got to be plastic if it's going to have any life span!!
watch this space and cross everything for me...pleeeeease.will track another plastics compant down sooner or later that can do the job for a good price
PROMISE hehehe


  1. You work sooooooooo quickly Suz. I'm really enjoying watching all your ever changing developments. The furthest I've got at the mo is to play with lots of different designs of simple flowers but I'm really enjoying playing.
    A x
    ps The kettle goes on here usually around 10.30 or 3.30 :-)

  2. Love the experiments, but not sure what you mean when working the stitch left to right.
    I have recently found your blog
    your work is beautiful, very inspiring.

  3. Wispo..have mail you still waiting to hear from James but fingers crossed l'll cya soon
    Thanks Crafty pam....silly me and l di read it too...dooooh!!!
    Hugs Both xx

  4. how long have you been crocheting suz??? started to go through your blog and the very earlier posts are alll about scrapbooking????? WHAT BOOK WOULD YOU RECOMMEND FOR A BEGINNER?

  5. Suz

    I love your blog only recently found it and will be playing with stitches a little later today. Would be interested in yarn what colours are available?

  6. it is fascinating, isn't it?! Oh, I do love crochet - it is so simple yet you can achieve such different results just from slight changes in what you do.

    Love your colourful crochet - and if only I lived nearer I'd be at the knit and natter like a shot!!

  7. I just adore how you are always learning and exploring with your crochet, Suz. The single crochet work is fabulous. That book of your mom's must be so very special to you! I have some crochet hooks and knitting needles that used to be my mom's and her mom's in my stash. I'm sure your mom is thrilled to see you grow and enjoy your hobbies so very much!

  8. I love your work, and would be very interested in some yarn, have emailed you but not sure If the email address on your blog page is the correct one ?

  9. I guess I get stuck in a rut and always do things the same! Thanks for showing us just what you can do with a little change! I really luv how just that little bit of difference makes a completely different look! Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. You do such beautiful work. I have enjoyed seeing and reading about your experiment. Such lovly colors you are using. :)

  11. thanks for a great morning Annie was good to meet up and we must do it again soon..x
    Colours of yarn l have tomorrow and next Wednesday for the others
    Hope that helps
    Looking for a book for you Miz-bag
    Jeanne.....hope she does
    Hugs all x

  12. Suz, you are my new Crochet Guru :))

  13. hi how lovley are the flower do you have a pattern for them. i have great fun reading your blog so lovley all the work you do. thanks kim