Tuesday 20 July 2010


Do you hate blocking granny squares and hex's?
Love the perfect shape but hate all that pinning out......
such a pain in the bum and takes so much time 

I wanted to try and make a blocking tool 

After lots of printing out of sheets and cutting out and fiddling around and Brupbrup sleeping on the job...sadly it didn't work as l'd hoped

..The basic idea works.......
but l was trying to make a blocking board that could be used for all shapes on one board
But it didn't work
Phil will drill the holes for me sometime but was a bit disappointed it didn't work as l wanted
oh well!........ has made blocking a bit easier at least

oh and the ooooops! was all that yarn l bought
16 thousand grams of yarn with 7 thousand ordered...a lot of crochet hey?
Better get back to it.......
making dinning chair cushions right now hoping to have 2 may be 3 half done by tomorrow
Have a good evening all x
This post has been edited by me!
watch this space blocking tool here we come!


  1. That's a fantastic idea! Get it copyrighted quick so someone doesn't nick your fab work!!!

  2. Thanks....hehehehe l thought it was pretty good until l couldn't get it all on one board! lol

  3. You had me nervous with your title for a second. I was thinking it was Mr.T's surgery...So glad that is not the case. Now, this is the best idea I've seen in a while. I so dislike blocking, I can't tell you how much. Looks like you are on the right track. Patent and sell is my recommendation.


  4. Patent and sell would be my recommendation also! What a fab idea you've got there, even if you can only do one shape per gadget. If you could take it apart and store it easily you would still have a marketable product, just several of them! Doesn't everyone hate to block? hehe Look at how Clover came out with the yoyo makers but you have to buy a different one for each size! Money maker I'm sure 'cause I have three sizes myself. Oops

    Hugs XX

  5. Thanks girls..have removed some info from this post we're going into production hehehe
    Talked with Phil and we've come up with something cheap light weight and small should fit in an medium envelope!!

  6. Suz that's so cool! I read your earlier post too - I'm so glad you have sorted everything out and you can go ahead with your brilliant idea. May be just in time to block all my hawaiian flowers......:)