Sunday 11 July 2010


Started out as just a trial sunburst sample!!
turned into a cushion on the journey there......

..........and then GREW AND GREW 
and became a blankie through Saturday and Sunday...

Well almost!! hehehe

 l ran out of cream would have been finished if l hadn't so bit annoyed we didn't get back in time to catch the shop for a ball of wool as we left in plenty of time.......but......
Stopped off to see some friends for a cuppa and say hello on the way home and they were about to have a garden lunch with another couple of friends we know so another couple of places were laid and we got fed too
Thanks Alison and Dave great afternoon hugs xx

So l can't finish it tonight either!!
At 9 in the morning l'll be stocking up on cream acrylic yarn so l don't run out again!!!!
second time in the last couple of weeks
Fabulous weekend sooooooooo hot lots of friends and a fantastic show
One for an annual visit definitely
Camper Jam at Weston Park..less than an hour away for us but others had travelled miles

Thanks and glad you all like the bath mat...
Hope you all had as great a weekend as we did? 
Hugs all xx


  1. Oh my - I just love looking at your photos. Love the flowers, grannies and the camper. :)

  2. Lovely inspiring work again! I love visiting your blog!

  3. Fabulous! Love the idea, very inspiring! :D

  4. As ever gorgeous colours and really fab results Suz.
    A x

  5. Your gorgeous color combos and compositions always make me smile! The camper looks so fun!! My 10yo son wants one when I show him on your blog. Have a great week, can't wait to see more progress. How is the jacket for the competition coming?

  6. Luv your color choice! Very pretty....

  7. I don't stop by for a few days, and you've got crazy with the flowers! They are all so so pretty! Love the bathroom rug idea with the white as the background.

    Glad to hear Mr. T may be on the mend. Hope so. You too!

  8. Thanks all so can't wait for the shop to open 3 colours l need now that have a place in my hooky time hehe..will finish 2 projects today that a minor miracle for me so real pleased hehe
    Hugs all xx

  9. Absolutely fabulous! Glad you had a great weekend despite running out of the color(s) you were using! Your geraniums are beautiful.