Monday 19 July 2010


Two colours for the stripes of the bobble daisy blanket...
and l've run out of another colour....mmmmmmmm

Brupbrup on his blanket
Need to do a  bit in the house today.....
move a few of those boxes that have been hanging aroaund and put up some picture we've been going to do that job for a couple of weeks now
Sun is shining today for a change cya later bloggers
Have a fab day hugs xx


  1. Dosent the sunshining make such a difference x Have a lovely day suz, love the crochet too xxx

  2. Just had a catch up on your blog. Wow!! Even if the sun isn't shining all the colours here make you smile! By the way the sun is shining too!!

  3. Love your crochet!! i AM JOINING A CRAFT GROUP on Wednesday.. wish I could take you with me!

  4. Another beauty! Sorry to hear you've run out of another color, though. After you clean up, you deserve a trip to the yarn shop. LOL And it looks like someone has decided it's his blankie.

  5. such loveliness, suz! your creations are all absolutely beautiful :)


  6. Love the 2 stripe border, cat looks comfy on the other blanket.
    Hope you get your jobs done.

  7. Love the choice of the purple, looks great in your double boarder! You have a great blog, i'm glab I stumbled across it.

  8. I go away for a couple of days and just look at all the glorious sunshine you have been creating.

    Off to see what else I've missed while gone.


  9. Sue, thank you for visiting my faerietale blog, your space here is so light & bright & cheerful, i love your crochet. I have a wonderful & very cherished crochet beadspread that my grandma made for me many moons ago, it fills me with smiles whenever i catch a glimpse.