Friday 30 July 2010


Loving the new colours that have arrived.....really me all the pastel shades

Have 4 sides complete of the 4 CK Gazebo cushions so far..
all a bit wobbly really need blocking 
will do paler other halves l think so l can ring the changes
had fun with the flowers this morning too and so loving all the new yarns colours...

Mail me if you want any.......colours on the side bar------->
tried a new set of photographs for colours using the chart....hope you like it
But using most of the colours in my crochet now just a few of the old yarns to use up
Hugs all x


  1. Hi Suz, tried to click on the image for the colors, but it will not enlarge. Am interested in this yarn, but would like a close-up.

    Otherwise have a lovely weekend. By the way your porch looks absolutely beautiful with all the new decorations and craftiness. LOVE it.

    Bye for now

  2. Hi Erika....Can't see your e-mail to mail it?
    Suz x

  3. Fab pastel yarns and those flowers will be perfect for your CK look!!

  4. Beautiful flowers and beautiful colors.

  5. Thanks Twiglet...l adore pastels slightly more than l adore brights hehe
    Hugs Suz x

  6. I really, really love, love, love all your great works. All the colours, i´m in love...

    But wait... I don´t can buy this beautiful, lovely yarn *cry*. My hubby say, we don´t have money for yarn. I can only looking. :o( My hubby must go work for our family alone, i can´t, i´m chronical ill. My sweet little daughter came to school. It all cost to much money. :o(

    I go looking all your perfectly home and pictures. It makes me a little bit of happy, touched my ill soul and warmed my heart. Thanks soooo much for sharing all the pictures.

    Send you many hugs (for touched my soul and warmed my heart),

  7. Hi Annika...hope the blog lifts your spirits a tiny amount nothing like colour to make one feel better
    Hugs Suz x

  8. Suz Suz Suz... always so love looking at your blog!!!

  9. You have chosen such a cool(as in breezy)color palette. Can't wait to see them all completed.

  10. Hoi Suze
    Heb je het patroon van de bloemetjes
    Zijn erg mooi
    Groetjes anita