Wednesday 30 June 2010


love my lilies and the daisy type flowers make a great back drop now they are all in bloom 
Four Pansies.....
no way could l do these without the pattern!!...not easy to remember at all
the original poppy centre..although l don't think it's worth the effort the button will do it for me Kathyrn may decide she likes this one better?
Mini's on a bracelet?....
still need to felt the bracelets and these minis are a variation on the original mini 

5 Petal Mini Variation
5 petals of 2ch 2dc 2ch sl st to magic ring leaving a small hole in the centre

another hope for me hehehe

Mr T is feeling better again this morning...decided Brupbrup needed chasing this morning.......with me hot on his tail just got there in time to catch him as he tried to jump on the chest of draws and didn't quite make it!!!
Naughty Mr T...not as well as you think you are!!......
and the vet would go mad with me too

THANKS again for the Mr T good wishes and glad you like the teeny weeny minis


  1. Ooh the poppy is awesome and pansies are so nice too? Is there any chance for me to get a pattern? I'm dying to make them too!
    My best wishes to you and Mr.T! I hope he gets well soon!

  2. The Poppies are gorgeous Suz. So glad Mr T is making good progress. Do give him a cuddle from me.
    A x

  3. Beautiful flowers and beautiful crochet!

  4. How would one felt those bangles? I love the minis on them, too.

  5. My goodness Suz, you've just got to share the flower patterns. Puh-leeZ? Very, very cute girlfriend.

    Hugs Barbara

  6. Oh what a clever thing you are!!! Those little flowers are so gorgeous!!

  7. Charming, simply charming. I so love those pansies. I need to get out my flower book and make some now that Orphan Annie is finished. Ta-da tomorrow, direction today.

    Nap time for this kiddo,

  8. I love flowers especially crocheted ones! I'm a new follower :)

  9. Hi all welcome to flower heaven hehehe
    hugs xx