Sunday 27 June 2010


Do l stick with the lime to join them? l add another colour?...and which do l chose?......
wonder which one l will go for in the end? hehehe
PATTERN LINKPattern link square African flower 2010

Comfy night for Mr T!!
Feel quite refreshed this morning myself too....but l spent the night on the sofa 
(a very comfy sofa though lol) but with Mr T on my stomach....seems he needed his Mummy last night 

Eaten well this morning taken his tablets doing well..please let it continue!
Check up tomorrow at 11
Full house tonight hehe cya later Kathryn....
coming for my Birthday tomorrow and Phil's Brother needs a stop over too got to be in Birmingham very early so needs a lift to the station early!!

Have a sun filled day eveyone
hugs all xx


  1. So glad Mr T had a good night. It's so hard when they cant tell you just how bad it is but needing to be by Mum says it all I guess. Big gentle hugs from me.
    Lime green is not a colour I would put with purple but it looks really lovely.
    A x

  2. I have just discovered your blog an we have 2 things in commun, crochet and blasck cats. Mine is Zapato and he´s realle equal to Mr. T and I can´t image if something similar could happen to mine. I´m sure Mr T wiil be ok sooner than waht you expect!! (sorry for my terrible english) Hugs for both of you!

  3. Hi Suz, so glad Mr T is feeling better, pets are such a worry arent they. Wishing you a fbby birthday!!!you kept that very quiet lolxx Will visit tommorrow for a proper birthday message have lovely evening xx

  4. I good friend sent me your blog it is fabulous I love all the flower themes you have going here and many beautiful pictures too. I just recently came across the African Flower in a hexagon and I see you have it in a square it is beautiful. I going to check out your page daily to see all the beautiful things you are making. It is like sunshine here.