Tuesday 29 June 2010


Was a bit too much for Mr T yesterday l think....not the peace and quite he was supposed to have but we had a very good night on the sofa together again last night

He seems to have more of a raspy throat this morning and doesn't sound too good when he coughs but breathing ok and eating sleeping and doing well  found a couple of his tablets spit out though...ooops!

He wants to go out side but being confined to the lounge except for wee's etc..
still sleeping a lot and if l stay put he does too so the lounge looks a bit of a mess at the moment as l've surrounded myself with books wool and cups of tea with the fan on to keep us cool
Thanks again for all the kind wishes A OK at the moment
next app. is on Friday


  1. He is such a beauty. I do hope he is better soon.

  2. Dont worry about the mess,Mr T is
    1st priority. Will send up a little prayer for him. Love the flowers make the crocs look groovy.

  3. Poor puss. That tummy looks so sore. Just give him your time and attention and don't worry about the mess...that will still be there when he's better.
    We have tried several of the flowers from the 100 flower book but the results have been disappointing...prob used wrong threads.
    A x

  4. Oh Suz, I've been out of pocket for a few and just saw poor Mr. T. He's definitely first priority for awhile. I wouldn't worry about anything but him if I were you. Sending up a prayer for him girlfriend.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies