Thursday 17 June 2010


Mostly acrylic mixes on a 9mm hook makes a lovely lacy pattern and so different from the heavy AF Hex's l've already tried
was trying to be subtle but think this 1st one is too subtle hehe

but the second really pleases me
l can feel this one around my shoulders on a cool summer night

Front Door Update...
opened it at 5 am this morning and it made that sticky sound but no damage to the edges so a second coat today and door furniture on 
then we'll see if it needs a 3rd coat next week

Then we must get Noo Noo ready for our long weekend in Leicestershire tomorrow and move the dust around ready for James and his NEW GF to cat sit.......

She's lovely...a dancer studying at Chester Uni and only lives 5 minutes away and her Mum is into enamelling and Jewellery!

for making me laugh with the comments about the bad door day yesterday hehe
but all is still calm at Bakewell this morning

Noticed this morning l now have 99 lovely friends of the blog wonder who will be the 100th?


  1. see that paper bag works everytime!!! glad you are calmer, have a lovely day always on hand if you need a ((((hug)))))


  2. Really love the lacy effect of these ones. My son's girlfriend is also at Chester uni and my daughter did her degree and post grad there too :-) Small world eh?
    Really glad peace has returned to Bakewell. :-) Hope you have a great weekend.
    A x

  3. I always find it really interesting to see the effects of different size hooks on patterns and motifs - this looks really good and opens up a world of new exciting project possibilites xx

  4. That's really pretty and a very different effect to the normal african flower

  5. So pretty! Leave it to you to find a new beauty to crochet or, a new way to crochet a beauty!

  6. Tried to be 100, but made it to 101.

    I love that African Flower, And you have a great idea here, making it as a shawl. Hmmmmm.

  7. Lol. You certainly know how to make a gorgeous African flower and you know exactly how to use them!! I will keep trying. Love the lacey look.

  8. Recognise the pattern, but it certainly changes the look.
    I'm loving it as a shawl or light jacket/cardi