Sunday 27 June 2010

Mr T's first day at home relaxing!!!

Only problem is every time l get up he wants to come with me!!!.....sneaked off for a shower about 11 while he was on his back and out of it!!
Went with the orange...


  1. Well done Mr T! looking good. I love the hot orange with purple - very seventies - I tie dyed a dress in those colours for my textile craft exam - think its on my blog somewhere!!

  2. I am so happy that Mr T. is on the mend. I have been reading your blog for sometime but I am not sure if I ever commented. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and your crocheting has been inspiring me so much. I have started crocheting again after a long time. I am loving it. Love the orange and purple too, so very pretty!!

  3. I'm so sorry what poor Mr. T has gone through, but thank goodness he has you for a Mum to see him through this ordeal! So nice to see he is doing better day by day.
    Also, I'm loving your color combos!

  4. I have not been reading mant blogs lately and only just read about poor Mr T, so glad he is on the mend. Sending him lots of love and cuddles. I love the orange too!

  5. I like your work so much. I being practicing your square african flower, thanks for share it with us. Regards from Argentina, Rosana

  6. Thanks everyone Mr T got the all clear at his appointment this morning still has a month of recovery but doing well
    Hugs all xx