Wednesday 16 June 2010


Sample of a basic SPIKE can be done in so many different combinations  in a triangular formation going deeper in to 5 or 6 rows done on top of each other or staggered as l've done
Basic rows of SC then on the 4th row l've gone down the rows to make the spike.....

1 row for first 3 stitches then
down 2rows for the next st
down 3rows for the next st
and finally down 4rows for peak st
then reverse 3 rows 2 rows and 3 st as you would normally do the SC

Hope that helps but like l said there are lots of instructions and video's on Google for you to look at all the variations

Still ache like mad but the front door is calling fingers crossed we have no disasters and its finished by tonight!
Hugs all x


  1. Oh Suz thanks so much for that....I just have to have a go now :-)
    A x

  2. I just love a good spike stitch, so much fun and the effect is brilliant. Can't wait to see the finished door, you have managed to do your house in such a short time, my house in the 14yrs I have lived here is still not finish. Thats what comes of having a husband thats a builder!!!
    Nicky x

  3. That looks super! What a neat stitch. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  4. That Spike stitch is great! Thanks for sharing. Will have to give it a go.