Saturday 26 June 2010


Only washed once may wash again today 2 felting washes seem better.....
Bim going to Marrakesh next Tuesday so may not get to see her before she goes but it's waiting for her return
..have a fab hol cya when you get back

l never go round to planting...ooops!!
stunning colours
Any one ever tried bead crochet?
Book from the library yesterday and it looks interesting!
Mr T..
fingers crossed Mr T can come home before one today if he had a good night with no complications
got to buy a cage for him now as he needs to be kept reasonably still for a week!!


  1. lurve the bag!! biz is so lucky!!hope you get Mr T back home keep us posted have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. Glad Mr T is home, wish him well.Sending him lots of strokes and cuddles.
    Love the bag. x

  3. Only just caught up with your blog - so sorry about Mr T - do hope all is going well.
    Lol my word verification is....
    dozy gabl - yep - thats me!!!!!

  4. Thanks all....he's back and up to his old tricks and l've got to keep him quite for a week!!!!!!
    oh boy is this going to be hard work
    hugs x

  5. Oh my goodness, Suz! You've had a rough time of it (and so had Mr. T!) I'm so sorry to hear he had to have that surgery, but thankful it appears to have been successful. Poor guy and poor you!

    Your project is looking great as are those petunias. Glorious colors.

    And to answer your question...I do know how to bead crochet! It's a bit tricky to get it started but once you do, it's really easy. I'd highly recommend using the end of a shoelace stuck through the ring to help you keep track of the stitches to start off with (if you are creating a rope that is). Once you get going it's really fast. I've got some projects posted on my blog. Ooohhhh, I can just bet you'll create some fabulous projects.