Sunday 6 June 2010


AT 3.35.....worked on it for about 5hours until l just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer
By 9.30 l had almost managed to complete the first side to where l think it needs to be sewn together and a different piece added
Sat in the conservatory with the Derby on the TV and listened to the birds...we used to live in the middle of fields very quite and lots of birds
Bakewell is in a large town although we are right on the very edge l really didn't expect to be living in an aviary of song birds.....almost all day you can hear them singing their little heads off hehehe
really wonderful

Funny how this frilly hex turns into a sleeve ad body of a jacket!
Pleased l eventually got started on the AF jacket want to break the back of it before  next weekend
Writing the patten as l go so l'll not forget anything.....tweaking it as l go and keeping times so l'll have an idea of how long it took me to make 
Decided on the 5.5 hook in the end and using the Cash/Merino from ColourMart
bought a £30 cone last Friday.....Phil is paying for it for my Birthday
Phil's birthday in 2 weeks time and mine a week later...
what do you think of this for his birthday?..........
would love it in the garden hehehehe but may be one of those mad thoughts..too much sun me thinks!!!

I'm getting lots of comments on how l get so much crochet done in a day......not a particularly fast crocheter but my day does start around 5-6 am and l have no family to look after just the 4 boys to feed or snuggle and l only move the dust around once a week maybe twice hehehe
time is mine really
Alarm goes off for Phil at 4.30am at weekends sometimes l get up then but mostly l stay in bed to blog and crochet for about 5 hours sometimes longer
Mostly the weekends are mine to play with and week days l do a similar 5/6 hours first thing in the morning.......probably why l get a lot of crochet done
But l'm usually falling asleep by 8ish hehehe


  1. I'm smiling because I remember crocheting a baby's shawl in a day once....I no longer have that sort of free time now :-)
    Really looking forward to seeing your jacket updates :-)
    A x

  2. Hi
    Your day does start early.
    I say phil's pressie looks like FUN
    go for it. Cannot wait to see the photo;s.

  3. Ohhhh, it's looking great! Looking forward to updates.

    The present for Phil would go over extremely well in my household! You could have loads of fun in it.

    Thanks for sharing how you manage to get so much accomplished. I'd end up asleep early too if I were able to crochet as often as you are able to. I'm sure you've definitely "earned" your time to yourself! *Ü*

  4. I can't wait to see all this together. It's going to be very special.

    Oh, how I know those middle of the night and up early moments in life. We need to be very careful or we will date ourselved for being around 50ish. The thing our Mom didn't tell us about the "change"....

    I so enjoy my visits here daily.

    Hugs and Snuggles,

  5. If I crocheted as much as you Suz, I'd be falling asleep by 8 also. hehe I can't wait to see your finished project and Phil's gift sounds great. Hope you have a great day. I so enjoy your posts!

    Hugs XX

  6. Hehehehe Kate l wish it was 50 but nearer to 60 than l care to think about!!
    Swimming pool tub got the vote from my son but Phil did say he wasn't keen so back to the drawing board for Pressie
    Hugs all and thanks again xx