Saturday 26 June 2010


Collected him at 11 this morning all he wanted 1st was to go out side but had to make do with the litter tray and boy did he have fun rolled in it like a mad thing hehe then fell over the edge on his so much for keeping him quite!!!!
He struggled to have a wee though so for 10 minutes he just lay in the box...good job it was all clean and sterilized oh and the next thing he wanted was to take off the plaster covering the drip scar
Crumbs he's back to his old self
this is going to be hard work for a week 
right now he has found himself one of his favourite spots under his chair in the lounge 
He's has had a small meal of tuna and settled down to sleep for now
and l'm going to do the same
already fallen asleep while on the laptop so going to have 40 winks
and then finish this 2nd blue green and white AF cushion


  1. That is good news - he sounds like a real character!!!

  2. Im SO SO SO SORRY that your kitty had this happen. I know how you feel!!! We put our male cat down in kills me still because I wish we could have afforded to do more. He was my favorite over our female too because he cuddled all the time, not just when he felt like it. I hope he mends quickly! :)