Thursday 3 June 2010

DOODLES, LAMPSHDES AND A CHILL OUT DAY..hahaha l'll believe it when it happens!

Doodling with the jacket shape yesterday could change but something sort of like this will be the final jacket

Only have 3 done but tried the crochet Mini Mee's on the painted shade not sure it will work so well hanging from the ceiling though as it's either for the bedroom or hall!!
But l think the idea will work on a lamp shade...just after taking this picture l dropped the vase base.....
thank you it didn't break!!!! 
Easy plans today might go to town need to do a bit of food shopping may stay here and lie in the sun hehehe probably not though we can't sit still with so many jobs to do lol
Might put up a few pictures/mirrors all the things that need hanging on walls haven't been done yet.....

just a visit to Doctors to register with them
still have my sore tongue although salt water rinses and doses of Manuka honey seem to have improved it in the last couple of days!!


  1. Really love your lampshade like that and cant wait to see the finished jacket now.
    Sore tongue? Is it oral thrush? Try yoghurt.

  2. Thanks idea looked it up on Google vitB deficiency was the 1st l tried or could be linked to hiatus hernia...and being sick if you bend down or lie down..that's me for sure and l eat live yoghurts already the honey is the best cure so far
    But registration app. at Doc's today so will mention it and get an appointment..a wreck just shoot me now!

  3. Just checked it out on Google no white spots just a very red and sore tip to my tongue...back to the drawing board hehehe thanks for trying though x

  4. i love african flowers and you are very good!!! Ciao Daniela italy

  5. Hope you find out what's bothering your tongue. Ouch!

    I'm not a designer of any sort, and I am just fascinated by the process you are showing of coming up with your ideas. Love the sketches.

    Those flowers on the lampshade (thank goodness it didn't break) are lovely!

  6. I love the way your design process works- I can almost here the cogs ticking from here!! Looking forward to the finished jacket - such a gorgeous sketch!

  7. Your jacket is going to look absolutely fabulous! I would love to try that pattern out! Girlfriend you are just talented beyond belief!

    I hope that tongue of yours gets a lot better soon. Could it be a case of nerves? You've had an awful lot on your plate lately, and I don't mean food. hehe

    Hugs XX