Wednesday 16 June 2010


No need for re-hab locking myself away and playing hooky in my lovely comfy craft room with the doors thrown open to the sunfilled garden seems to have done the trick hehehe.....
May be a bit annoyed with myself for screaming and shouting so much but...
I got the 1st 6" of the mad man with the d*** poncho done anyway!!

Can't tell you what happened yet BUT ONE SIMPLE JOB BECAME 3 BIG JOBS 
so l  shouted.... a lot and rather loudly 
Helped me but not so sure Phil enjoyed it!!! lol

l've no idea how he put it right but the D*** isn't looking as bad as it did this morning he's worked on it all day fixing the broken glass and least l think he has!
Haven't given it the third degree yet lol
absolutely ADORE the colour......Inky Pool by Dulux
a little sneaky peek......
panes of glass all need scrapping and one pane still missing.....only one coat on yet and it will probably need 3 and the chrome door furniture l know will look gorgeous on the 
Inky Pool

CALM HAS RETURNED TO BAKEWELL.......for now at least
but l'm sure there will be a next time! lol
funny l noticed so many things in the house are similar to the Inky Pool.....interesting


  1. Glad calm has returned to you Suz. Frankly, I'm surprised that you haven't lost it before now. You've been working so hard to make everything just right in your new home. The stress had to give eventually. hehe Your door is still going to look good (when repaired and finished) hehe

    Hugs XX

  2. Dare I mention the door now? Love the colour. Really glad peace has returned for you.
    A x

  3. I'm just glad I realized D*** stood in for "door" and not something else. Glad you're feeling better! Your spike stitches are so yummy! Stop me before I jump into a spike stitch project that I have no business starting!!

  4. Perfect. Love the Inky Blue.

    It's so you.

    Were you taking a clue from us today. That's pretty much the standard M.O. when Scott and I try to work on a project together.

    I've gone and done it, wandered over to RAV today... icks. I'm in trouble now. Added 8th Gem as a new friend there too. But, I won't be leaving blogland. Still my fav.


  5. OH, and I forgot. Crochet is stunning as usual.

  6. Wow ,Your felted bag and camper crochet are beautiful !!!!
    Thanks for following me .So happy to be your 100th follower !!
    Congratuations :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. Loving your work, and the door is looking fab, as expected.
    Nicky x

  8. So relieved to hear calm has been restored! It's amazing what a little crochet can do to calm one's nerves. I'm actually surprised you haven't had an issue before now with all the upheaval and changes you've been experiencing.

    Beautiful work, too! (Were I to crochet while upset, my yarn would probably be in shreds...LOL)