Saturday 26 June 2010


But at least all his insides are in the right place now!....Just struggling to keep him still some times
got this pic the one time he managed to lie on his side

He's eaten well today managed a couple of big wee's although it seemed a bit of a problem for him he wants to go through the cat flap every time and  l've locked that!!

Sat with him all day lots of tickles and strokes when he wanted them but left him to sleep as much as possible.....followed him every time he moved though lol

He's dozed most of the day don't think he can get comfy really 
looks like he is sleeping now but if l move he opens his eyes

Managed a bit of hooky stuff today although l fell asleep earlier until Splodge woke me up decided l'd slept long enough and where was his supper?
So l didn't get as much done as l wanted 
collage of what l did get done .....
James and Bim are popping in after the match to collect her bag and see Mr T
and l wanted an early night with the alarm going off at 4.30!!!

No wonder l fall asleep in the afternoons hehe

Mr T says a big thanks for all the nice thoughts xx


  1. Being the owner of a 9" scar on my knee all I can say is ouch. Keeping him quiet will be your hardest job Suz. Good luck.
    A x

  2. Awww, so glad that he is on the mend.
    I wish I could crochet as fast as you! The blues are lovely.

  3. I am so happy that he is home safe, Your crochet looks lovely, Get better soon Kitty,

  4. Oh, Sue! I missed all of the drama with Mr. T. I'm kind of glad of it as I don't handle it very well, but I'm sorry I wasn't here to support you. You must have been sick with worry! So glad he is on the mend. Poor thing looks like he's been to a bad barber. Hee-hee. How awful for him and y'all!