Sunday 20 June 2010


WE WON hehehe 
The late bays won the line up early bays are pre 1974 lights low down and the late bays still old ladies but have the lights high up.....
What do you think?...........
Noo Noo in the middle
20 late bays lights high against

against the Early bays lights low

Great weekend was had by all 
we few the flags and the Dragon Flies too lol....

Slept really really well in comfy beds...
No Noo Noo blanket was done couldn't find my 5mm hook!!!
so l made a couple of bags instead with the 5.5 that l could find
pics tomorrow.....
so promise to come back pleeeeeeeeeeeeease
glad you're all enjoying the ramblings xx

Very windy on Saturday and cold too but Sunday was glorious

Happy 50th Phil hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxx
glad you had a great Birthday weekend


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL xx glad you had a great time, looks like it was soooo much fun, yep going slight shade of green, lolxxx

  2. Happy birthday to Phil. Glad you had a good time away. Look forward to seeing the bags.
    A x

  3. Wow! Love the photo mosaic! You could make it into a print and sell it!!!

  4. Now, isn't this posting fun. Took me right back to the days of Woodstock.