Friday 4 June 2010


I get asked how do l choose a combinations of colours..easy route find something you love a painting a magazine page some ones photo and pick all the colours in that piece did one to day from the sun dress l was wearing
The photograph came out really bright one time l shouldn't have taken it in the conservatory! lol

 Picked all the colours from the print and made an AF patch from them thinking maybe a small bag for the summer still deciding on what shape and how big

SHELL the link to see where they have gone for the weekend
James and his friends set off about 1.30 after a couple of stops they arrived about 5.30ish after a journey of waves and horn blowing from other VW camper owners......
James said... 
"If ever l'm lonely l'll buy a camper lol then everyone would be my friend!!!"

Trip to get the Cash/Merino for the jacket this morning..eventually made it, you know l said as the crow flies it was about a 1000 paces but no pathway 
but only about half a mile walking the road
there is a path straight across the road takes about 4 minute to walk door to door through a tiny little wood and down a gravel path and l'm there....dangerous very dangerous!


  1. I know you have never, ever, had a problem picking colors. Always get picks and combonations.

    You really are moving a trip to England high up on our list. Shell Island looks great. I've only been to London, twice, so I'm thinking a trip to the countryside would be in order. Hard call, as one of our favorite places is Bruges. I want to go back there again for sure. So, far only Vermont on the calendar for this fall. I had better get planning.

    Have a great time

  2. Dropping by here is such a tonic for me - I am sorry you are feeling below par - you have been achieving so much lately - perhaps you need to rest on your laurels for a bit!!!

  3. OMG, now be honest was that the excuse of moving to Bakewell to be nearer to Phills job or closer to Colour mart lady! lol

  4. Love the colors goes so beautiful :)

  5. I have to admit, I may not always read your entries, but I loooove the pictures and your color inspirations :)

  6. Hi
    Just found your blog, love the colours, and thanks for the tip, will check out my favourite prints and use the colours. My friend has promised to teach me to crochet. Maybe one day I will make something as colourful as you.