Wednesday 9 June 2010


Pouring this morning so suggested a short trip to COLINETTE......if Heaven exists l was in it today hehehe
click the link to see the fabulous yarns
Wrap it all up and l'll take it away fabulous shop how do you chose from all that yummy yummy yarn?
Phil chose 4 100grm hanks so l can make a ponch throw scarf thingy hehehe for him to wear when we go camping those chilly nights by the camp fire lol
I bought a selection just to play with see how they make up and feel didn't have anything in particular in mind....l already want to go back and buy more!!
LOTS OF THE YARNS ARE MADE there are jackets hats scarves throws and jumpers all over the place so you can see how they make up..STUNNING PIECES
Definitely think l should go back and buy more don't you?....reds pinks oranges and yellows next time
 l need them all l do l really do.....promise hehehe

Easy journey straight down the A458 very wet and misty today....
But the sun came out a bit by the time we got back to Welshpool....and the flags were out too not sure what for thought...
Great cake and coffee and a wander round found this little gem in a charity shop....
£2.50.......A bargain!
Managed a little bit of hooky on the way there..funny reading in the car makes me instantly sick but l can play hooky no problems!

Will be half of a small felted shoulder bag when it's finished..thought l'd try the AF felted

Bigger pic of Phil the flags and Noo Noo
Made the flags last year and they weren't stored very well so a bit creased

Eyelets arrived this morning thatPhil ordered yesterday we can finish the sun canopy tomorrow
Catch up tomorrow with a few pics of the new yarns l've already got a couple of AF's made up hehehe
hugs xx


  1. You definitely left some colours out when you went shopping, so a return trip is a MUST DO
    Love the colours in your bunting.
    And now I have a crush of VW Campervans - oh dear

  2. What an amazing yarn shop! Oh yeah it's a must see again place to go. There really were some gorgeous yarns in your pics.

    Hugs XX

  3. I love the look of that shop and need you to tell me where to find it. Have looked at the link but can't find the address.
    A x

  4. Thanks for the better view of Noo Noo! Beautiful flags for the canopy.

    I have to tell you, I tried an African flower the other day and mine doesn't look near as nice as yours. It's more round than hexagonal. Maybe I made a mistake and need to try again. I just love how crisp yours always look!

  5. Ooooooooooh! I lurve Colinette yarns! Am very jealous that you managed to visit the shop. Am hoping to do so next year when Mr JK and I go to Wales. I shall have to find out about Colourmart from you so that I can kill two birds with one stone so to speak! I can start off the week as I mean to carry on, with a little splurge on some lovely, lovely yarn. I think that you should make a cushion cover and a throw!

  6. Hi Sue, Just have to say that you do a FANTASTIC blog - it's always a real treat to open up and see what you will inspire me with next - you put my time management skills to shame!!
    I hope to get along to the show on Sunday - so may see you both there.
    Have fun and hope the sun shines
    Liz x