Tuesday 29 June 2010


Had the book a while love all the different flower in it but not really tried any of the patterns Kathryn loved the poppy so had a go in the afternoon took me ages to work out the pattern and it's still not quite right but made a 6/7" flower thats real pretty then tried the pansy..that was far easier to do lol

Hope you like them too....thought the pansy would look great on my new croc's?
Kathryn wants a pansy covered tea cosy for her caravan!!!
the poppy was really hard to work out and not quite right yet and l made it rather large too about 6/7" diameter!...hehehe

The poppy wasn't an easy pattern...needs work!

Had a play with the new fine random felting yarn and a few plastic bangles l found lying around.....want more to play with now so a trip to the charity shops may be on for today

for all the Birthday wished l had a wonderful wonderful day.......quite perfect in  fact

and HUGS to you all xxxxx


  1. How's Mr T today? Hope he is still making a good steady progress. Love your Pansy and Poppy. Do you have the book...100 flowers to knit & crochet by Lesley Stanfield? If so how successful have you been with them?
    A x

  2. Lovvvvveee the pansies and poppies!!!

  3. What cute Crocs you have my little pretty.... I have seen these and they looked so boring. Not anymore. I'm going to have to pick up a pair next time I see some and do some decorating like you.

    Hoping Mr. T has had a better day today. I'm enjoying all your creations while you too snuggle up in the lounge together.


  4. I LOVE the Crochet Bouquet book. There are endless possibilities! I keep thinking I'm going to hold several strands together, work with a giant crochet hook, and make a ginormous flower... Happy Birthday to you, BTW! Glad to hear news about Mr. T, also.

  5. LOVE the crocs! They look so much better with the flower on them! Brilliant idea!

  6. Congrats for your birthday hope you had a fab day. Love the bangles shame I can't wear them I have wide hands and can't get them on, well I could if I removed my thumb completely but I prefer to for go the bangles.
    Love the flowers I have that book and is great although takes a while with some of the patterns??
    Hugs Nicky x

  7. Your pansies are pretty! I like them on your Crocs.

    The poppy is more difficult than some. There's a tutorial that has step-by-step photos on the blog that is mentioned in the Introduction of the book.

    Hope you'll visit! Your flowery blog is beautiful!