Monday 16 May 2011


Still got 15 to make but 21 complete so here's the 'how too'
 Looks great in the dark too...

How to make the Flower light
The Pattern
2 sizes: basically a 4.5" and 3.5" circle divided into 12 sections you don't need the hole in the center for this one
cut the circle out of your chosen thin card and cut the 12 divides
I've used a random selection of the two sizes
they don't need to be absolutely exact..petals aren't!
l hand cut the one side of the petal all the way round first..easier to cut away from you
then turn it over and cut the other half of the petal
then add a curve to the petals with scissors
then add a WOODWARE CRAFT punch called BLINK BLINK centre in a contrast card
and glue into place
glue a punched circle to centre to complete the flower
NOTE: finish here if you want to make a garland...Make lots and glue to a garland of stitched circle one each side and hang...then sit back and watch them sway in the breeze

 Flower Light Continued...
punch a hole in the centre..l used my biggest small hole punch and it wasn't quite big enough so l used scissors to make it a little bigger
it needs to be about a quarter of an inch..the size of the screw of the bulb 
remove the tiny bulb
push the flower onto the bulb
then screw the bulb firmly back into the holder it needs to be in quite tight
switch on the make sure it lights up
make 36 and the light is complete
I made mine with 5 colours of card, pale grey, white, and cream, pale beige and a pale peach

These bulbs don't get hot but my advise would be 
just like a candle

This is my idea and l would be grateful if you can
PLEASE link back to me and the idea..THANKS FOR THE COURTESY 

Have fun a marvellous Monday and look forward to seeing your lights
off to plaster the kitchen wall this morning and finish off we hope

hugs to all xx


  1. Whoa! Now that is creative missie!! I just love it!!
    Have a great week,

  2. Hi Esther..Thanks
    Every now and then you have a lovely idea that really works, think this is one of them
    Real chuffed with it and it really does look pretty
    Thanks again hugs Suz x

  3. Just gorgeous. I don't think I will be making one though cos I think little P would want to pick the flowers :-)
    A x

  4. hehe...our boys keep giving it a sniff lol hope they don't try chewing it up like other plants!
    Baby news is fabulous and so exciting
    Hugs xx

  5. Oh that is lovely. What a great idea.

    Have a nice day,

  6. Suz, this is such a pretty project! I wouldn't be surprised if I walked into Ikea and found your lovely flowers 'sitting' right there, staring back at me :)

  7. Hello, Suz!

    I have just discovered your blog's link in another blog I follow. I came here because that other blog's owner posted a photo of one of your crochet works and put the link, saying that here we could find lots of other beautiful things. Well, nothing she could say would prepare me to see so much beauty! Your crochets are wonderful, your cat is so cute, your home is so comfy, everything is perfect! You are also so generous, sharing knowledge, patiently showing how to do things, sharing patterns... This is a little piece of colored heaven in the web!

    Thank you for spreading beauty on internet!

  8. I love all your flower projects Suz - what a creative brain you have!

  9. OH, lordy, what patience you must have. I'm going to give this a try, but will have to wait until the weather turn beastly hot and I'm back inside, gripping away. But, for now the garden is a calling. I would love to make some of these out of something plastic to place in my pots. What a concept, right? I'll be thinking hard on this one.

    Plant On,

  10. I love this!! Where do you get the stems with bulbs attached?

    1. I have this lamp, but where do I find replacement bulbs?

  11. wow this is fab! thanks for the email, do you think I could adapt your basic idea for a little project at Bespoke Country's craft club next month please and point them all in your direction? jennyx

  12. Waw,, it works beautiful, creative and good,,

  13. I would love to find a material that I could make these from that I could then use in the garden as they would look stunning on the vearander of a summerhouse...any ideas?

  14. Hi all and thanks
    Anyone wanting to make a plastic version..try milk bottles all one colour but would work
    I've made Flowers from plastic bottles in all colours before for jewellery but you wouldn't be able to use the punch on plastic but a die cutter will work on thicker plastic
    Good luck and leave me a link if you give it a go, would love to see your projects
    Hugs Suz x

  15. Yay for adding it to ikea Hacker!!!!!!!!
    They look fabulous.

  16. Just Magnificent. Posted a link from my blog to yours. I want all my readers to find you. Wonderful.

  17. Thanks Rudy for the kind words hugs x

  18. Hey sue, I just wanted to say that lamp is the most beautiful lamp I ever saw. It is just so beautiful and amasing, everything you make is so beautiful, I think you are inspiring me to be creative- I found you when i saw your awsome ikea idea with the tv cabinate transformation thats when i saw the flowers, they are just so beautiful. claudia

  19. Thanks...
    Claudia...always the easiest ideas work the best
    Hope you will be able to have a go at the light flowers?
    Good luck if you do
    Hugs Suz x
    THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE...been a popular project this flower light
    Hugs to all x

  20. Hi Suz,

    I started making the Stranne Flower Light but I couldn't get the bulbs out.
    I even tried to hold the holder with pliers but I still couldn't get them out.
    How did u do it?


  21. Hi Cindy....mine just screw in and out...good luck
    Suz x

  22. wow simply stunning! I wish we get these lights here in India!!!but first I am going to give the flowers a try! Thanks so much!

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