Sunday 25 February 2018

COTTON CAL: Giant 8 petal Flower

All about colour today.

 The Original Giant Flower project was very big and bright, so for the smaller Cotton dk version i tired a softer look in pinks, red, oranges and purple shade with a green/aqua infill, slept on it and decided the infills were too overpowering. 

I have also replaced the first round in flower and infill with a finger wrap and sc same number as pattern but smaller stitch for the softer Cotton wrap.

Infills have been replaced with a very soft warm one colour

far better than the 2 colour green/aqua infills i tried yesterday

I've also sampled, 2 strands of dk Cotton nearer to the original project too...2 shades of each yarn 
 Several shades of red, pink, orange and some purples with the 4th round in the green/aqua shades.
2 Strands of dk cotton and 6mm hook, 

nearer to the original in colouring and size 

you can see the difference in size from dk and 4mm hook to 2strands of dk and 6mm hook, above

So I'm using 2 colour options, softer one to wear and the brighter one as a blanket.

A few close up pictures to help with the 2strand mixing, they will help if you decide to use similar colours

First 3 rounds in the warm bright colour and 4th round in the greens and aqua shades and the infill in the yellow shade for the blanket

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