Thursday, 4 August 2011

IDEA 1......How To Join The Flower Granny Blocks?

A quick sample edge on half of 4 see if it works 
IDEA1: Pick one colour from each block of 4 and do s SC row all around the block then join with the same cream?
IDEA2: Join all 9 blocks with the same cream first then add a border of SC stripes, with cream between?
IDEA3 Pick only one colour and do the narrow SC round on all the blocks and the border in the same way using only one colour and the cream?
IDEA 4: Use a contrast colour to the flower colours on each block and then join with cream and a border of SC in all the chosen colours wih cream between?

l'm still not sure
Any favourites?
IDEA 1,2,3or 4?


  1. I like the ones with the contrast row done around before joining but only you will know what you're happy with Suz :-)
    A x
    ps I have a feeling the dress making will be on going cos I've just been promised lots more fabric to make more with :-)

  2. Hi Suz. They are all nice. Nice to see you have been busy with your hook once again. It is always nice to come and get a splash of colour from your blog. x

  3. que lindos grannys!!
    se ven estupendo!
    gran idea!!

  4. Suz, I'm going to trust that you will decide the perfect way as you are brilliant with colors.. I love them all. Enjoy your rain.. we have perfect weather here for a change!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I could never decide Suz. You will settle on the perfect choice!!

  6. You have done so many fabulous projects this summer! You have an excellent eye for colors. Love your blog!