Thursday 17 December 2009


So many of the decorations l made last year of paper haven't survived...but the metal ones always look brill year after year...l need to sort some better storage for paper dec's!!
This wreath will look great over the new bed head that is waiting for me to paint and Phill to add to the little job for Phil to do lol

Love ya lots and thanks for being patient with me and my Christmas madness hehe

almost finished the balls on the white crochet 'Partridge in a Pear Tree'


  1. wow- what a beautiful wreath!!

  2. I think you wreathes look wonderful. I always open my boxes from last year and find a few goodies that didn't survive... So, I end up just tossing and making new....he-he... I get the whole storage thing. I just know that putting it all away can be a challenge and most things just get tossed in the boxes.... Maybe, we need to take better time with putting away, like we do with taking out.

    Looking good.

    I'm really loving your ball garland.

  3. Thanks more some where to fing for the front door...what with leaks and Phil moving stuff in the attic l cant find some decorations!!