Sunday 6 December 2009


or is it a robin hehehe...bit of artistic licence going on here maybe!!
no black or brown wool so used what l had

Original pattern from Lucy but the mini is made with a magic circle and 7 half trebles to start and only 5 rows with a loopy tail and no added wing
Thanks Lucy brill idea

Stripy Trees will have pastel buttons stitched to them later today...they're in the studio l think!!
took me a day making cone shapes to find the one l liked best for the red and white stripy tree
Wanted it to go with an Ikea stripy candle or two in the lounge

Took some photos of James new car but decided not to bore you with them good day out though and l got the boot when he had had enough of me hehehe
Fingers crossed he's home for Christmas and not in Afghanistan

Christmas Fact One!
Did you know...

If you received all of the gifts listed in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song, you would receive 364 presents!


  1. Love that little birdie!! Love the colours too!!

  2. Very cute how do you come up with all these really cool ideas?

  3. thanks all
    Debbie....mmm well l suppose 57yrs of being surrounded by arts and crafts....

    Artistic parents 5yrs at art collage and 30yrs of designing maybe has a bit to do with it lol

    It was my life....illustration fashion design bit of teaching own business and a life times study of colour and design
    Took early retirement 5yrs ago hung up the crafting mits for over 3yrs but it snook back into my life 2yrs ago with paper crafts a Canadian friend started me off scrapbooking Jan 5th 2007

    Crochet/Felting snook back about 6months ago...was a big part of my finals yarns and knitting

    So now l just play with arts n crafts another few months and l'll probably be doing another sort of craft who knows!!
    ooops a potted life history hehe
    should scan in few pics of past work....paper quilts embroidery toys fashion dolls....the list is too long...tried most things over the years
    Making balls at the moment hehe

  4. oooops make that 40yrs!

    trying to knock 10yrs off my age there hehehe

  5. Lindo blog, amei !!!

  6. Agradeça-o feliz você gosta de ele
    Sue x