Friday 18 December 2009


I'm so very very sad
James was only 18 years old but stood out from a crowd he was a friend of my James they spent several months together doing their training and living their dream

He had only been in Afghanistan for 2 weeks and died on the 15th December 2009 at the hands of a suicide bomber
He was an impressive young man and l remember him very well
My thoughts are with him and his Mum Dad, family and Girlfriend at this unbelievably sad time

A Soldier

There is discipline in A Soldier
you can see it when he walks,
There is honor in A Soldier
you hear it when he talks.
There is courage in A Soldier
you can see it in his eyes,
There is loyalty in A Soldier
that he will not compromise.
There is something in A Soldier
that makes him stand apart,
There is strength in A Soldier
that beats from his heart.
A Soldier isn't a title any man
can be hired to do,
A Soldier is the soul of that man
buried deep inside of you.
A Soldier's job isn't finished after
an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week,
A Soldier is always A Soldier
even while he sleeps.
A Soldier serves his country first
and his life is left behind,
A Soldier has to sacrifice what
comes first in a civilian's mind.
If you are civilian -
I am saying this to you.....
next time you see A Soldier
remember what they do.
A Soldier is the reason our land
is 'Home of the free',
A Soldier is the one that is brave
protecting you and me.
If you are A Soldier -
I am saying this to you.....
Thank God for what YOU do!


Lance Corporal David Kirkness, 24 was the second soldier to died this week along side James RIP David...didn't know you but my thought are with your family also
so very very sad


  1. I'm so very sorry for James's family and your loss.
    It's a stupid world that loses someone so young.

  2. What a terrible waste of young mens' lives. How brave to sacrifice them though. Respectful post.
    You made me stop to think we are all busy creating, but in our midst is destruction.

  3. Thanks both...feel so helpless and pathetic all l want to do is hug my own son and never let go..he's home later today

  4. My son is 18 and the thought of losing him is just unbearable......thoughts with you all.

    Hope your james is ok, will say a prayer today for him and all the wonderful soldiers who are serving their country.


  5. Thanks Kaz....same here my James is upset total disbelief from all the guys he shares the flat with at camp It was a terrible shock...and although l didn't know him well he made an impression and l can't tell you how bad its' made me very very sad

  6. Oh honey, I am so sorry. What a terrible, terrible waste. Thanks for this very brave post, it has made me cry. XX

  7. I really don't know what to say, these young lads are so brave and courageous. My friends son is in the RAF and has done tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and I always feel for her when he is away. All we can do I suppose is send our love, prayers and support.

  8. Suz, sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and the families.

  9. Suz- sending you a big, big hug for this loss. I know it must be so hard at the holiday season. Such a fine looking young man. My heart goes out to all the troops and their families during this season.

    Will keep you in our prayers.


  10. Thank you again everyone for your thoughts and prayers....l just can't get young James out of my head such a short life cut even shorter is unbearable and l don't know how his Mum and family are coping
    My prayers are sent to them with all my Love right now from one very very sad heart
    Hugs to all thinking of James and all the young soldiers of the world