Thursday 3 December 2009

THINK WHITE.........

A favourite colourist.....have almost all of her books...and they never date
No more mess and shoes in the hall all tidied away!! yeeees
Just needs the new crochet rug finished and down

Just a new head board to make and all finished in our bedroom

Splashes of colour in the bedroom too
All the clutter and thing l seem to need by the side of the bed all tidied away..yeeeees
TV Laptops and books.....and the new bed like a mountain!! hehe
New wall lights are brilliant...can actually see the keyboard with out my glasses!!!

Phil going to make a 6' head board so added a splash of STAR colour over the bed for Christmas
not quite finished yet just trying them for colour!! lol

Loved this idea l saw in Supershoppertoo's fabulous home on Flickr.... so simple to add tiny splashes of colour to the storage boxes l love and have every where..satisfies the tidy me! lol
New stripy and spoty bed linen....need taking apart and re-making with spots one side and stripes the other...a little job for the weekend aybe
lanterns and twinkling snowflakes for the Christmas window
beads in jewel coloured glass jars
love these Expedit units....have the 8 section one in the studio
white background and splashes of absolute favourite look...tried for the Kath Kidston look but was going to take to much cash to change everything decided to stay with the Ikea look we love


  1. Wow suz.....thanks for the tour you have such a good eye for colour and style.....we are not worthy!!! hee hee love kazxx

  2. Really enjoyed the piccies! loving the look and hubby all snuggled up lol!

  3. Love all the colorful things and especially like the snowflakes in the window...very cool! Nice job.

  4. What with the leaky shower and the wobbly floor boards we've been in such a mess for sooooooo long why does one happening affect the whole house? hehe
    I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel although l've just written a to-do before Christmas day list
    Very sweet of you all to comment thanks a bundle

    Hugs and hope all your pre Christmas list is short hehe xx