Thursday 10 December 2009


Thanks for a fab evening out girls...and boy hehe....always a great time with old mates but never enough time ya all
And l will take on board wht you said about the creativity!!...promise!..... maybe tomorrow

oooh a green partridge!

Another effort not sure about the garland?...less is more maybe but an idea
crochet balls stitched on.....another option would be buttons or beads
ADDED A SHELL EDGE TO THE WHITE TREE....dripping in snow hehehehe

a bit of fun that's quite quick to fun fun


  1. You make such lovely crafty beautiful thingies! The cones are awesome with those colorful balls and I love the way you made tails for birdies too.

  2. Aren't these just the cutest. You really have an eye for fun decor and colors. Love the ball garland idea. Way too many fun ideas in my head right now to know where to begin.

  3. I love the extras -- the garland, balls, and shell edging. I don't think it's too much. I'd love to see it with buttons instead of balls. Anywho...great idea and very creative. What fun!

  4. Thanks all
    Garden bell l know what you mean about too many ideas hands can't work fast enough don't know about you?

    Making one for a friend and now she wants balls garlands and shell edging but wants pears and leaves as well!!...bigger tree 1st l think hehehe...thanks K!