Tuesday 1 December 2009


They spin and twinkle in the heat from the radiator..a real pretty effect

Started rain as l was taking the photos...sparkly rain

some large some small die cuts and punched stars and snow flakes

May add some more but sewn together all of the shiny and white ones l'd cut so far

STUDIO SHED......lovely and warm on this freezing day
Ventured into my studio shed at the bottom of the garden to sew the stars and snowflakes together
Freezing here right now but the plug in oil fired radiator did the trick and l put on my boots and fleece and tried it out.....lovely and warm so warm l had to take off the fleece for a while.......impressed with the radiator

View of the snowflakes and stars from the new big bed...we did get up eventually hehehe


  1. Thanks Mirtooli....love Christmas decorations and theses were all made from last years left over die cuts....been cutting some rainbow coloured ones for another room l get carried away with all these dec's hehe

    I'd not seen the bedroom snowflakes from outside until yesterday and because l've used some holographic card they all spin and twinkle in the street lights and we're not using any electricity to get the effect! hehe

    Hugs and Loadsa Christmas cheer for the build up to the special day xx

  2. I'm addicted to snowflake decor, so I had to stop and see...

    Love it!

    If you have a second, please link this up to Creative Juice Thursday...


    Let it Snow!